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Sennheiser Products that Work with Xbox and Xbox 360

If you have an XBox and need a headset, you don't need to get an XBox-specific headset. Any of the ones below for work, so check them out to see if they will work for you!

DeskMate® Dual-Ear for Your Computer (USB)

PC 36 Call Control Binaural USB

PC 26 Call Control Binaural USB except it’s monaural)

GameCom X30 - compare w/MX505


Get your head in the game with Plantronics® GameCom™ X20 Xbox® headset, specially designed for long gaming sessions! It features a noise-canceling microphone for greater speech accuracy on Xbox Live™. The GameCom™ X20 combines an innovative Flex Grip® in-the-ear design with advanced microphone technology, resulting in a stable, great-sounding headset.

Product Features:

  • *Flex Grip® style is comfortable for long gaming sessions
  • Flexible boom optimizes fit and microphone placement
  • Noise-canceling microphone delivers speech accuracy
  • Speaker response tuned for voice communications


Shift Xbox into overdrive with the ultimate-quality GameCom X30 headset for Xbox 360. You smashed your opponents. You delivered the innocent. You showed a rare form of courage you never knew you had. But now that bunch of know-it-all, bench-warming trash talkers you call "friends" are ripping on your mission. It's time to rock the armchair warriors with the bitter taste of retribution...

Product Features:

  • HOT DESIGN! Industrial-strength hipness separates gaming titans from mere mortals
  • Noise-canceling mic lets you verbally devastate foes with cutting precision
  • Extended boom flexes to fit your trash-talking maw
  • Supple, ear-melding design thwarts the chaffing of all-night kill fests
  • Single-ear coverage lets you roast online enemies while rapping with your fridge-raiding buddies
  • Inline volume and mute put you in the driver's seat
  • Plantronics quality backed by a one-year warranty


Fire up your Xbox gaming experience with the quality audio and edgy design of the Plantronics GameCom X10 for Xbox 360 and Xbox. Sticks and stones. That's what your father always said about dealing with playground bullies. But Pops didn't realize that names can hurt, can disgrace, can deliver humiliating, gut-twisting, crushing defeat even to the most hardened of foes. Pops couldn't have imagined your friends' rowdy squeals of delight as they watch you slow-roast the enemy over unmerciful open flames. But the old man would have been proud.

Product Features:

  • Plush cushioning shields your head from the ravages of wee-hour gaming sessions
  • Over-the-head design holds firm during impromptu victory dances
  • With single-ear cushion, you can flame online enemies and hear the hushed, reverential tributes of envious onlookers
  • Extended boom repels pesky peripheral game noise
  • Inline volume and mute put you in the driver's seat
  • Noise-canceling microphone boosts voice command response
  • Plantronics quality backed by a one-year warranty

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