What Telephones are Compatible With the Plantronics Polaris Headsets?

Plantronics Polaris headsets (Discontinued) or H Series headsets + A10

are plugged directly into the headset jack of these phones:

Northern Telecom:

- Meridian SL1 models M3903, M3904, M3905

- Meridian Norstar models M7310, M7208, M7308, M7316, T7316, M7324, M7900, NT8B20, NT8B30, NT8B40, NT8B50

- SL100 model NTZK23AA, AB: (M2216):ACDI

- Nortel models 3403, 3404, 3405


- Electra Elite Dterm Series E models DTU-8, DTU-8D, DTU-16, DTU-16D, DTU-32, DTU-32D,

DPT-8, DPT-8D, DPT-16, DPT-16D, DPT-32, DPT-32D


- SuperSet 4000 Series models 4015, 4025, 4125, 4150;

- IP Phone: models 5020, 5020i, 5140, 5220


- Optiset E (CA or HA Option Module)


- SoundPoint IP Phone: model 500 (revision E or later) and model 600


- Model 2-9451