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What's so Special about the DW Office ML? How can I Tell the Difference?

What does the ML Stand for?

Microsoft Lync - this means that it’s Microsoft Lync Certified

Does that mean that if it doesn’t say ML, it won’t work with Microsoft Lync?

While we’ve had some success with non-ML headsets, they are not recommended

What’s so special about the DW Series ML?

This version of the DW Office is Lync Certified meaning that if you were to have any issues with other versions of the headset and Lync, this version should remedy it. It is set up so that it will automatically work with Lync and you won’t have to adjust any settings or perform any updates like you may need to do with non-ML headsets.

How can I tell if I have a ML version of the DW Headset?

Look for the Optimized for Microsoft Lync sticker on the box, CD and on the back of the charging base.

Does this mean it will only work with Microsoft Lync?

Nope, you can still use this with your phone and other programs on your computer!

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