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What's the VersaMate?*


It’s only the best solution for our Customers looking for a convertible corded headset!

(Even Nichelle Nichols and Isaac Hayes love Versamate!)

Check out it’s awesome features:

•Lightweight – great if you're on the phone all day

•Noise-Canceling microphone – designed to pick up what you're saying, not what your neighbor's conversations

•Quick Disconnect Cable – quickly disconnect from your phone while still wearing your headset, choose from a number of connectors to use with office phones, smart phones, computers, home phones, etc.!

•4-year full-replacement warranty – the best in the industry

•Perfect for any office – works great whether in any office from medical practices to huge call centers

•Sweet Swag! -- The Versamate can be turned into an earpiece style headset, a headband style, OR a behind-the-neck-band style! Snazzy! It comes with left and right ear loops and a headband, the behind-the-neck can be ordered separately. It’s catalog # 2233 on website.

Hi, I'm Kyle!

I manage this blog. Feedback, comments, compliments, criticisms, or any other questions? I'll take them all!

Kyle Newgent wearing a Leitner office headset

Kyle Newgent
Headset Blogger