Where are the Configuration Controls on the CS500 Series Base Station?

On the bottom of the charging base!

Mic volume, speaking volume, and configuration controls are all on the bottom of the base station for CS510/ CS520 / CS540 systems.

If you look at the base station head one and tilt it backwards, you’ll see two dials one on top of another and a sliding switch to the right,

-The top dial is Listening Volume (1-4)

-The bottom dial is Speaking Volume (1-6)

-The sliding pointer to the right is your configuration switch (A-G)

These are all pretty similar to the ABCD (Mic volume), 1234 (Speaker volume), and 1/2/3/4 Compats on older CS series headset systems.

Recommended settings are

-Listening Volume: 3

-Speaking Volume: 3

-Configuration: A (Cisco headset jack: E)


Make sure your telephone's volume control is set to a mid position or lower.

If necessary, adjust your microphone volume on the headset to a lower setting.