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Where are the Configuration Controls on the CS500 Series Base Station?*

On the bottom of the charging base!

Mic volume, speaking volume, and configuration controls are all on the bottom of the base station for CS510/ CS520 / CS540 systems.

If you look at the base station head one and tilt it backwards, you’ll see two dials one on top of another and a sliding switch to the right,

-The top dial is Listening Volume (1-4)

-The bottom dial is Speaking Volume (1-6)

-The sliding pointer to the right is your configuration switch (A-G)

These are all pretty similar to the ABCD (Mic volume), 1234 (Speaker volume), and 1/2/3/4 Compats on older CS series headset systems.

Recommended settings are

-Listening Volume: 3

-Speaking Volume: 3

-Configuration: A (Cisco headset jack: E)


Make sure your telephone's volume control is set to a mid position or lower.

If necessary, adjust your microphone volume on the headset to a lower setting.

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