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Which headsets should I use for Linux?

What an excellent inquiry!

The answer is-- WE DON’T KNOW!

LINUX is an operating system, like Windows. ...But unlike Windows it is open source!

What does open source mean? It means that, unlike Windows, which comes prepackaged, LINUX is designed for programmers to be able to customize. This means that almost no 2 users have the same version of LINUX on their computers.

And THAT means that there’s no way to know if they’ll have the drivers and other programming necessary to use a headset. (And, no, Product Support can’t help them with this.)

Long story short-- If your Customer has a LINUX machine-- guarantee compat! Let them try out a headset but let them know there’s a good chance it will NOT work properly with their computer. And assure them that, if this is the case, we can return it or exchange it and let them try something else within their first 60 days.

Get it? Got it? Good!

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