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Why is MagicJack so Special? Set-up, Usage, Headset Recommendations

Magic Jack, (also known as O.G. VOIP), is an internet-based phone service. Unlike newer, fancier VOIP systems that come with a router and lots of cords, it is literally just a plug-in box. A USB plug into your computer and a phone jack on the other side of the box.

From there, just think of MagicJack as your new phone jack, it's really that simple.

You plug in either a telephone or a headset on the open side and you’re good to go!

If you don’t have a phone to plug into it, use the buttons on your computer that the program provides to dial out. If you do have a phone, you don’t even have to do that much. It replaces your phone service, similar to Vonage.

Recommended headsets for MagicJack


Ep Chattaway [Discontinued] (with Monaural or Binaural headset, plugged straight into the phone jack). This may be your best option.

If the you have installed the softphone software that comes with the Magic Jack on your computer, you can plug a USB headset directly into their computer’s USB port and it should work just fine. The Leitner LH250 or LH255 will both work great for this setup!

Leitner LH250 wired USB headset for MagicJack

Note: You should NOT try to plug a USB headset into the extension that comes with the Magic Jack. Sound quality is not good.

Magic Jacks have an RJ11 connection, therefore we do NOT have telephone cord style corded headsets for Magic Jack. The quick disconnect cords we have are all the wrong size. In this case you would need a whole telephone or one of the wireless options listed below.


AT&T Marathon (No Lifter Mode, Tel Wall Jack) (DISCONTINUED!)

CT14 (plugged straight into the phone jack) (DISCONTINUED!)

To use a Leitner wireless, OfficeRunner, or another wireless headset not listed above, you would need to get a corded office phone to plug into the Magic Jack and then plug the wireless headset into that as normal.

DO NOT try to use USB connections for wireless computer headsets like the Leitner or the OfficeRunner. It won’t work, sound quality is terrible!

MagicJack Setup

Magic Jacks are plug and play.

USB male connection on one side, female RJ11 telephone line connection on the other.

Plug the USB side into your computer and the telephone or headset you’re using into the other side. That’s really it.

Check out this link for pictures of the setup!

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