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Why is my Handset not Working in the Leitner Base?

Your handset should still work normally with your phone, even if it is plugged into the back of one of our headsets. If this isn't the case, then here are some things you can try!


  • When the headset base is set to DHSG, it turns off the handset port. So move it down to RHL to make it work

Note: If you move the switch, make sure to perform a resync so that the headset will work again

How the cords are plugged

You want to make sure the headset is plugged in through the handset jack of the phone, not the headset jack. If you want to know how to set up your headset correctly, check out these video instructions!

Defective unit?

If all the connections and compats are good (set to RHL), then sometimes it can be due to a faulty base, even if the headset works fine. In this case, we would need to replace the whole unit, as the problem is in the base.

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