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Bluetooth Headset not Playing Music and/or Calls

You need to make sure the phone’s Bluetooth says the device is connect for both “call audio” and “media” audio”.  If it’s not connected to both the headset will work for calls but music will play out the big speakers.

To fix this, turn Bluetooth off and back on again until it connects for both call and media audio.

We can also try clicking on “forget device” and re-pairing the headset to the device.

Note: The Leitner LH370/380 will NOT play music through Bluetooth on the phone. Others may, though, so keep reading.

iPhone Instructions

Will cause your phone to reboot

Please be aware this will reset Wi-Fi as well. You will need to re enter the password for any network you usually connect to automatically.

1) Settings

2) General

3) Reset

4) Reset network settings

5) Phone will reboot

6) Re-pair the device

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