Why won't the hookswitch fit into the phone? Compat says it should work!

The hookswitch won’t fit. Did compat lie to me?

There are certain phones that combine their headset port and “EHS” port into one. However, you may find that the cord we sent them won’t fit into the the proper jack, which can definitely worry the Customer.

But, before you start to worry yourself, check to see if there is a plastic piece that can be removed to make the port bigger!

The Mitel 6920 and a certain Grandstream phone have this feature that turns the RJ9 to an RJ45 jack. It may look something like the picture provided (I swear this is the largest one I could get). To remove it, just grab the tab and pull it out!

NOTE: You will need to make sure nothing is plugged in before attempting to remove the plastic piece