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Will I Hear Different Tones on my Savi for Each Type of Call?

The Savi W740 has different tones for a phone call, a Bluetooth call, and a computer call. Unlike the Sennheiser OfficeRunner, you will receive notifications of a second phone call from another source.

Please note, you must still have an HL10 or an RD-Pod ring detector in order to receive ring notification from your phone. The bluetooth and computer modes have that integrated.

Plantronics Savi sounds you may hear

Sound 1: Triple beep

Sound 2: 3 short tones

Sound 3: 3 short beeps

(There’s a very small difference between 1 and 3, sound 2 is distinct however)

Default Settings

Desk Phone: Sound 1

Computer: Sound 2

Bluetooth: Sound 3

You may customize this feature by using the Plantronics Control Panel by going to Start >

Programs > Plantronics > Plantronics Control Panel > Devices > Device Settings > Headset

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