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Zoom is Beeping in my USB Headset While Muted

You may have noticed that when you mute your Zoom or Microsoft Teams softphone meeting from your headset, you will get a beeping noise. This sound is coming from the headset, not from your softphone program.

Not all headsets give you mute notification noises, but ones such as the Leitner Wireless headsets do. Never fear, we have a work-around, which will also be useful for all headsets, like Plantronics and Sennheiser!

This may also happen with AfterShokz headsets. For help with that, you can reach out to AfterShockz directly.

Note: With many headsets, muting Teams will also mute the headset. If this is the case, and your headset has a mute beep function installed, there is no way to currently get rid of the beeps unless you can change the settings in the headset itself.

Getting around the mute beeps

The beeping noise will only happen if you mute the headset by pressing the mute button on the headset itself! This means you can bypass these sounds by hitting the mute button in Zoom, Teams, RingCentral, or whatever softphone program you are using, you will just have to be at the computer to unmute it later.

Many Zoom users have made the switch to the Leitner LH270!

Leitner LH270 wireless USB Zoom headset

This headset will connect to your USB port and take any sound you or your computer makes and run it right through the headset itself! No downloads necessary to make this headset work for you and Zoom. It even has a 5-year warranty, so check it out!

Zoom softphone mute button

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