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The Hiring Experience at

We want to start by thanking you for your interest in joining the team. By applying for a position with us you are joining a large group of people who are all seeking an opportunity to work with one of the World's Best Customer Service Teams. We really care about finding the right people, and it shows.

The interview experience entails several phone interviews and two in-person interviews. It usually spans two weeks; however, the candidate plays a major role in how quickly everything is accomplished depending on how motivated they are. We split the interview experience into 4 major steps, which we'll break down for you here:

First Phone Interview: If your application is selected, the first step is a phone interview with a member of our Hiring Team. The first phone interview is usually only a couple of minutes, and gives us a brief opportunity to get to know you. These phone interviews are not scheduled, and we can call anytime during the hours of 8:00am to 6:00pm. After the initial phone interview we may ask you to take a couple of tests; these may be intelligence and personality tests.

First In-Person Interview: For your first in-person interview we ask that you be prepared to be in our office for up to 4 hours. You'll get a tour of, take some more tests and spend time listening in with one of our Headset Advisors while they perform their normal duties. During this interview, you'll also get to sit down one on one with a member of our Hiring Team. You'll get to know a lot more about how works, what our Team Members do on a daily basis, and the benefits that we offer.

Phone Interviews Stage: A Headset Advisor spends almost all of their time talking with our Customers via the telephone, so it's important that we make sure candidates are able to communicate well over the phone. During this stage of the interview experience you actually get the opportunity to speak with about 5 of our current management and coaching staff. You may be asked to speak with our CEO, CFO, Customer Service Manager and Marketing Manager as well as our Voice Coach in Australia and a Business Psychologist. This stage can seem daunting but is really a lot of fun, and is a great chance to hear different perspectives about

All Day Interview: During the All Day Interview, you spend a full 8 hours in our office, listening in with our current Headset Advisors while they do their job. At it's not only important that we feel you are a great fit for us, but also that you feel we are the best fit for you. By spending time with the people who perform the job you are applying for, you get a chance to see if we are the right company for you, and if this is a job you really want to be doing for 8 hours a day. And since you're here, we have you speak with a couple of other people we think you'll really like.

Have more questions? Don't worry; we'd love to answer them for you! Read on for some information on our most frequently asked questions.


Why so many interviews?

At we want to spend time making sure that we are getting the candidate who is the best fit for the position. Providing World Class Customer Love isn't for everyone, and we've found that taking a bit of extra time to find just the right person is worth it. Also, we know how important it is to enjoy what you do and feel like you can make a contribution; so we want to provide candidates with the time and opportunities they need to get to know our company better.

I submitted an application; why haven't I heard back?

Generally, when we post a job ad on we receive hundreds of applicants. While there are many people who are well qualified, we simply don't have time to touch base with everyone. You may want to re-read the email you sent to confirm that you followed our instructions and did not include your resume or any attachments. Please remember you can always resubmit your same email, or even write us a new one at any time.

I had a phone interview; why haven't I heard back yet?

First of all, we want you to know that we appreciate your interest and the time you have spent with us so far. If you haven't heard back after your initial phone interview, it means that we have decided to pursue other candidates for the position. We are fortunate that we have the opportunity to speak with many talented individuals who have outstanding experience and qualifications, and we determined that another one of our candidates may be a better fit for us.

How should I prepare for my in-person interviews?

The most important advice we can give you is to be on time. We recommend business casual attire for your in-person interviews. If this is your first interview you will need to bring two copies of your resume with you; you may also email it ahead of time directly to a member of our hiring team, just make sure you let them know you will be doing so. Don't forget to bring any questions that you may have for us. For your all day interview, you will be getting a lunch break, so make sure to bring some food or we can direct you to some near by eating establishments. There's metered parking on the streets, or we're right off the 47 and 49 MUNI lines as well as 1 mile from the Civic Center BART stop.

How do I apply?

Check out our ad for instructions on how to apply here

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