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Best Headsets for Working from Home

Are you working from home and not sure which headset to choose? Work from home headsets will make you more productive and improve the quality of your calls. Here's a handy guide with some of our favorites. Watch Jonathan show you why a headset is a must when you're at home.

Best Overall
Leitner® OfficeAlly LH270 Wireless Office Headset

The OfficeAlly LH270 is the highest rated office headset on Amazon and by far the most popular headset of our Customers. It works with your computer and desk phone so you can easily get great sounding calls no matter who you're talking to.

It features UniBase Conferencing Technology that allows you to merge calls from your computer and office phone into one. It has an ultra noise-canceling microphone which makes sure you sound great to all of your callers. On top of that, it comes with Leitner's 5-year full-replacement warranty

Best for: anyone working from home

Most Versatile
Leitner® OfficeAlly LH370 Wireless Office Headset

When most of us were still going to the office, your boss or coworkers could stop by your desk. When you're working from home, they might call you on your cell phone, maybe try on Zoom or WebEx, or even your office phone extension. Getting calls from a variety of sources, you need a work-from-home headset that allows you to connect to everything.

The Leitner OfficeAlly LH370 can connect to all of your devices, has an excellent noise-canceling microphone, and comes with Leitner's 5-year warranty.

Best for: those who get calls from multiple devices throughout the day

Best Price
Executive Pro Overture Corded USB Headset

If you're working on a laptop and move locations often, a simple corded USB headset might be exactly what you're looking for. The Overture USB Headset by Executive Pro has an excellent noise-canceling microphone at a very affordable price. Just plug this headset into your computer and you'll be up and running in seconds.

Best for: inexpensive option for working on a laptop

Best Comfort
Leitner® OfficeHero LH255XL Corded USB Headset

If you're looking for the most comfortable headset on the market, look no further than the OfficeHero LH255XL from Leitner. The XL sized ear cushions are soft and smooth and they cover both of your ears so you get ultimate focus in total comfort.

On top of being the most comfortable headset for working from home, it comes with convenient volume & call controls right on the cord. You can easily increase or decrease the volume, mute yourself, and answer/end calls.

Best for: noisy home offices

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