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Which headset will work with my phone?

At we carry a full line of headset models compatible with 99% of makes and models of phones. The top manufacturers of office telephones are Nortel, Meridian , Panasonic, Lucent, Avaya, and AT&T. We've extensively tested all the top models and guarantee that they will be compatible with the wireless headsets we carry, specifically the Sennheiser wireless headset line, the Plantronics CS headset line, and the Jabra wireless headset line.

Even then, we offer a 100% satisfaction guarantee. If you are still not happy with your chosen headset for whatever reason, we offer you an easy 60 day return guarantee!

Wireless Headsets

Our extensive range of wireless headsets is great for your biggest talkers. They allow unrestricted movement of over a 300ft range and some can even offer a one-charge talk time of up to 12 hours! These are greatly suited to those working in busier environments that do not wish to be limited when getting on and off the phone.

The two phone models that have shown compatibility issues with Plantronics CS line are the Meridian 2250 and Partner Phone system (a model of phone made by AT&T, Lucent, and Avaya). If you have a Partner phone and would like to go wireless we have two excellent options, the AT&T Marathon Wireless Headset Partner Bundle or the Plantronics CT14. If you have the Meridian 2250 system you'll need to use the Plantronics P10-2250 and any Plantronics H-series headset.

If this sounds like what you need, take a look at our full wireless range of headset models and see which are best suited to your office environment.

Corded Headsets

Our corded headsets range caters to those whose main priority is to be on the phone. With both Sennheiser and models offering the ultimate stability and comfort for long durations of use, you won't even realize you are wearing them! Many headset models in our corded ranges are perfect for busy environments, such as call centers, as they feature noise-cancelling microphones to keep every-thing that is not on your call, out of your call.

If this sounds like what you need, take a look at our corded range of headset models and see which are best suited to your office environment.

All of our headsets come with FREE lifetime product support, so if you're ever unsure about how your headset works just contact us through our Live Help service option or give one of our Headset Advisors a call at 1-800-HEADSETS (1-800-432-3738) or email

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