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“I've had all kinds of headsets in my career and thought that Plantronics was the best, but no longer. The OfficeRunner is far above the rest and for a reasonable price... ” Brian Hubbard, Benefit Informatics
Jenks, OK

“Very comfortable, works great with my phone system, easier to install than Plantronics.” Lori Barry, Yuma County FCU
Yuma, CO

“I've used headsets in an office setting for 20 years. I've used the original Plantronics corded headset, several of their wireless headsets as well as GN Netcom. I've never been thrilled because I am SOOOOOOO PICKY! Not anymore. This exceeded my expectations! ” Gary Manata, ASAP Graphics
Carlsbad, CA

The OfficeRunner Essential Bundle

You'll be more productive with an OfficeRunner...

A wireless headset will make you more productive.

Get more work done in less time

The OfficeRunner allows you to talk on the phone and have your hands free to do other work. You can talk while writing, typing, filing, making copies, and just about anything else you can think of!

With the OfficeRunner wireless headset you're free to raom the office.

Walk and talk up to 400 feet away from your desk

The OfficeRunner allows you to stay in touch as you move around the office, up to 400 feet of wireless range from your desk. That's longer than a football field!

Answer and end call while away from your desk.

Never miss another call

With the recommended ORL 12 handset lifter, you never have to worry about missing important calls when you step away from your phone. Answer and end calls at the touch of a button, up to 400 feet from your desk.

OfficeRunner is the most comfotable headsets around.

Talk comfortably

Your days of straining to hold the phone receiver are over. At only 0.78 ounces and with a variety of wearing styles, this headset enables you to improve your posture, prevent neck pain and reduce fatigue.

Use the OfficeRunner with your phone or PC.

Quickly connect

The OfficeRunner connects quickly and easily to your existing deskphone. Plus you can use the included USB cable to connect to your PC, enabling both landline and VoIP calls.

The OfficeRunner headset quickly converts between Over-the-Head and On-the-Ear wearing styles. The noise-canceling microphone filters out most background sounds, even in a noisy office.

Up to 400 feet of wireless range for best-in-class performance.

The OfficeRunner is covered by Sennheiser's 3-year warranty. Plus it's covered by our lifetime product support.

More than enough battery power for a busy day, with up to 12 hours of talk time from only 1-hour of charge.

The OfficeRunner connects to any single or multi-line office phone and is guaranteed compatible with your existing phone system.

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