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  • Up to 300 ft. range
  • Answer and end calls when you're away from your desk (with included handset lifter)
  • Eight hour continuous talk time
  • Convertible headset available in different styles: over-the-ear, over-the-head or behind-the-neck
  • Hands-Free Mobility: Multitask while talking on the phone.
  • Noise-canceling microphone with mute button
  • Digitally encrypted signal. Nobody can listen in on your calls
  • Integrated busy light
  • Recharge 80% in just 1.5 hours
  • 900MHz frequency for clear, static free calls
  • Easy installation! Click here to view the easy setup guide for your Plantronics CS Series headset.
  • Plantronics CS50 Basic
    Up to 300 feet of Range Feature Included Feature Included Feature Included
    Up to 8 hours of talk time Feature Included Feature Included Feature Included
    Digital Encryption Feature Included Feature Included Feature Included
    Answer and end calls away from your desk Feature Included Feature Included
    Includes a behind-the-neck headband as well as a Online Indicator Light Feature Included
The Plantronics CS50 Wireless Office Headset System brings the ultimate in mobility and sound quality for hands-free conversations to your phone.

Totally wireless, the CS50 gives you up to eight hours talk time and the wireless convenience to roam up to 300 feet while having secure conversations. The included handset lifter allows you to answer and end your calls remotely.

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Manufacturer Plantronics
Catalog Number 1415
Type Wireless
Wearing Style Convertible
Max Range / Cord Length 300 ft./90m
Connector Type (view connectors) RJ9
Weight 0.96 oz.
Lines: (telephone products only) Not Applicable
Compatibility Works with your existing single- or multi-line corded phone
Microphone Noise-canceling
Earpiece Leatherette
Color Silver & Black
Special Technologies 900 MHz
Warranty 1 Year Replacement
Battery Life 8 hour talk time
Reversible Yes
Handset Lifter Compatible Yes
Busy Light Compatible
Quick Disconnect Not Applicable
DC Adapter Compatible Yes
Digital Encryption Yes
What's in the box? Plantronics Wireless Headset, Plantronics Amplifier/Charger, Plantronics HL10 Handset Lifter, Ring Detector Kit, Plantronics AC/DC Adapter, Plantronics Connector Cord, Plantronics Earloops, Plantronics Headband

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customer image Sherry Finley
Harbor Insurance Agency
Hopkinsville, KY
Front office
I love my headset. I love it so much that sometimes I take it home, that is when I forget that I have it on!
I call it my freedom device. It sets me free to be about other issues when I'm not on the phone.
Thanks for a great product.
customer image Deborah Robertson
Cooper Chockley Orthodontics
Tulsa, OK
the customers calling couldn't hear anything I said and I put the hearing thing on the speaker everything looked about right. I could hear them ok.
customer image Mary Lou Brock
Fuel Injection Service
Pharr, TX
CS50 is so much better than it
I LOVE the CS50! I had used the CS50 for about 5 years and needed a new battery. When ordering, I was asked if I would like to get the upgraded version of the CS50, the OfficeRunner, at the same cost as the CS50 because they were going to discontinue that item. I went ahead and purchased the OfficeRunner for both my boss and myself. We both tried to use it for a couple of months and became so frustrated with clients telling us they couldn't hear us and it falling off our heads, that I contacted Headsets.com and requested to replace it with the trustworthy CS50. Did I say I LOVE having it back...if not, I LOVE HAVING THE CS50 back! It is leaps and bounds ahead of it's replacement, the OfficeRunner. It stays on my ear, you can hear and others can hear me. It's awesome! Headsets.com was great about replacing the item even though I had had it longer than the 60 day trial period and I really appreciated that!
customer image Paula Cromie
TMN Events
Boise, ID
Plantronics CS50 Wireless Headsets are working great....thank you so much for trading the Office Runners in for us...we are having NO problems. Thank You again. Becky
customer image Becky Ruby
Ag Parts LTD
Humboldt, IA
Excellent Purchase
Your products and customer service department are top notch. The staff is very knowledgeable of all products you offer and take as much time to needed to make sure the customer is comfortable with the performance of the product. I cannot say enough good things!
customer image Deborah Bryce
United Teachers UniServ
Campbell, CA
Love the CS-50
I can't say enough good things about this headset. I ordered a replacement as I had an issue with my original -- I could hear incoming conversation, but they couldn't hear me -- after 10 years of faithful service. Guess it deserved retirement.
customer image Deborah Bryce
United Teachers UniServ
Campbell, CA
St. Thomas More School
I love the fact that I don't have to sprint for the phone while I am making copies in the adjoining workroom or talking with a parent or student in the hallway. The sound is excellent, no static or interference. I also am very pleased with hands-free operation, making it easier to type and talk at the same time without straining your neck to do it. The only problem at all that I have had is with the phone lifter, which I may need to adjust; sometimes when I press the headset to answer a call, it lifts the handset and then immediately hangs it up:( Not always, so I'm thinking it must need an adjustment. Other than that, I am thrilled with it.
customer image Dee Archer
St. Thomas More School
Cincinnati, OH
love the CS50 and 55. replaceable batteries extend the life
My team of underwriters love their cordless headsets. I love the batteries that can extend the very long life of the headset! We are going on 3 yrs since our first order of 30 sets. The warranty was used on only one set.
customer image Ann Milzarski
Plantronics CS50 Wireless Headset
This product is great. Our employees who want to use a headset really love it! The hands free really helps!!
customer image Deb McCracken
Geny Insurance Agency, Inc.
Nashville, TN
Plantronics CS50 Wireless Headset System

The CS50 is like the best friend I never knew I needed or wanted, but once I had I couldn’t let go.

Before I had been introduced to the world of wireless headsets I had a misconception that they’d sound horrible, not be versatile, not get a lot of range, and die frequently.

I was immediately proved wrong after my first meeting with the CS50.

After the quick setup that took me less than 10 minutes, I discovered that first of all, it was comfortable to wear.

Ear hooks that come in three different sizes instead of a one-size-fits-all type ear hook immediately sold me on the comfort factor.

Add to that the option that I can wear it over my head on those bad hair days (and blame it on the headset) and I saw my opinion of the headset start to change. What about the technical side of it?

How would I sound to my callers and how would they sound to me? Imagine my surprise when I realized the sound quality was crystal clear and upon quizzing people I spoke with, they had no idea I was even on a headset.

The range was great and the talk time was perfect for my eight-hour day.

I let the headset charge over night and it’s ready to last with me the very next day throughout my whole shift.

When using this headset with the HL10 handset lifter, answering calls was never easier.

Now instead of picking up my handset receiver, I simply had to push to a button on my headset to be active on a call!

I had grossly underestimated technology, and I was thoroughly impressed with the CS50.

The one drawback of it is that there may be interference, static, or buzzing when used close to other wireless products, but otherwise I’d recommend this headset to anyone.

customer image Casey Martinez
CS50 WOW!!!
I have been using the CS50 Headset for 3 weeks now. I can answer the phone and walk all over our 2 story building without any problems. This headset is so clear. It is the best headset I've ever used. I am thrilled with it. It even works in the elevator. The only problem is that the earpiece does not fit flush on the ear. So I secured an old earpiece cushion from my old headset to it. Now it fits flush against the ear canal and I can turn the volume down. I was surprised how much better it is now. That would be the only thing I would change. WOW!
customer image Lisa Poepsel
Company name
Baytown, TX
True productivity
Just wanted to say thanks and let you know the Plantronics Wireless Headset is really awesome. My productivity has gone up because:
1) I'm missing fewer calls and
2) I'm able to do more while on the phone. Can't thank you enough for your help.
customer image Roy Bukstein
Company name
San Francisco, CA
Bought to test in our office, everyone loves it
My company recently purchased one of this headsets to see how well it would work for us. It has been passed around the office and so far the only complaint is that it is a little tricky to put on, but once it is one it works better than the handsets on out phones. No more over-stretched phone cords here. we should be buying 2 more within the next month
customer image Anton Hochschild
Company name
Garden Grove, CA
Nifty nifty CS-50
The CS-50 is ultra stylish and very lightweight. It does however take a significant adjustment period and tweaking to get the sound quality up to par- sounded like I was in a tin can during a windstorm. The amp is way powerful- had to crank our system down to use it ultimately. It was very sensitive to exposure to fluorescent lights or computers- 60hz hum very apparent. But you expect this to some degree with a 900MHz product. Overall, overpriced still, but will be the leader.
customer image Brett Lawton
Company name
Winter Park, FL
CS50 Wireless Headset - WOW!!
I have had the CS50 for just over a week! It is incredible. It offers me mobility and allows me to answer the phone when I am not at my desk (I also bought the handset lifter). I have moved up to 300 ft. with it and there is no fuzziness or break up in the conversation. The nice thing as well is the battery last 8 hrs. I am on the phone all day so I don't ave to worry about the phone dying on me. All I do when I leave is throw it on the charger and the next morning it is good to go. There is one little thing that can be improved upon. It is hard to hear the headset ring when you are away from the phone. If I don't hear the handset ring then I wouldn't know the phone is ringing. Other than that this headset gets 2 thumbs up. I really enjoy using it!!
customer image Jerry Sayegh
Company name
Edmonton, CA

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