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Great product
I had Plantronics at my work office, so when I needed something for my home office I got this headset. I love it, except I can't turn the ringer off. Very annoying when I am on a Skype call and it rings. I have to disconnect it completely. Other than that it is great.
customer image Fran
Seattle, WA
not good
this product lasted exactly 28 days and died. Customer service for Plantronics is giving me the run around although i provided proof of purchase and will not expedite shipping.
customer image April Compton
Tracy, CA
Thanks it is working fine and dandy but please do let me know as soon as they come out with a two sided head set for this phone please thanks.
customer image Junior Velasquez
Interpreter at home
I love the T10 I just love the headset gives me that hands free so that I am able to assist my customers.

I do not like that the mute button makes a sound when using it
customer image Carol Segers Customer Service Supervisor
West At Home
Kissimme, FL
Great combo set!
I have used these for 4 years in my Call Center and they are the best. I will always use these until we go to VOIP.
customer image
Land4Less.us, LLC
I love it
I have had the T10 for almost a year and it went bad for some reason. I contract with Liveops so I need this product for my business. I called and y'all sent me a replacement in 1 day. I still love the phone and am very pleased with it and your service.
customer image Kaye Couey
Rome, GA
Issues with headset
I've had this device for a year now and recently when connecting the headset to the phone I get a very loud hum on the line (tested in another phone with no issue). Appears there is short in cord, possibly from being pulled on too much or normal wear and tear. I've looked and it appears you cannot just replace headset (has to be whole thing). I have two of these and tried another headset and it works fine, so now I guess I have a backup dialpad with a broken headset. Next time I will go with a phone with a quick disconnect or one that is of higher value in hopes that this wont happen again.
customer image Ken Pickering
Alpine Access
Denver, CO
Opinion Survey
I don't like that I have no control over noise reduction levels. I don't like that the headset does not provide for better listening, as I cannot cover my ear fully with it. I am inclined to purchase a headset that offers these features--and that covers both ears. I will purchase it from Headsets.com, due to your excellent service and quality of products.
customer image Carmen Miranda
It's more expensive than first one I got from you. It has only one earpiece and I can't turn off the ringer. It's not bad just not as good.
customer image Mark Salvoni
CPR Plumbing
San Carlos, CA
I am very happy with the headset. It has much less feedback when in close proximity to my laptop, which is necessary for my work, than the Chattaway had. However, a binaural headset as a standard (or at least at a reasonable price) would make this system perfect! :)
customer image Angela Hamilton
Language Line Services
Portland, OR
One thing; I'm forced to use the over-head gear because the plastic ear hanger is impossibly uncomfortable. Who designed that, an elf? Anyway, my fondest wish is for the old Mirage ear set to work with a T-10. Or anything else for that matter. A Chattaway, an SP-04, an Executive 2 Elite. Also, I'm very fond of a curly cord with quick disconnect capability. I'm currently on a curly extension with T-10 headset cord looped up.
customer image Eve Laraway
Menlo Park, CA
Replacement Product
I was quite happy with the original product I purchased, but this product is clearly superior in every way. Great value for the price.
customer image Gil Rodrigues
Reading, MA
Plantronics T10 Headset System
I wish the volume on the Plantronics T10 Headset System would go lower. It's a comfortable headset to wear for long periods of time. Easy to set up and start. I would recommend this product to anyone.
customer image Vicky Batcher
Hermitage, TN
Plantronics T10 Headset System
I wish I had purchased a model that is more bass in tone and has a mic that comes all the way around in front of your mouth. I was told that this model had a volume control for the hearing and the mic-- but the control is for hearing only. This one will be fine I may have to purchase your amplifier later as I'm hard of hearing. Your service has been excellent, the Customer Service representative was very polite and informative.
customer image Robert Cagle
ITV Ventures
San Antonio, TX
This is the ultimate in headset phone-replacement power. This gives me the ability to use a headset all the time and not waste room on my desk with a big bulky handset. I love this phone system!
customer image Jenny Stewart
Dallas, TX

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