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The downsides of AirPods

Why should Zoom users consider Leitner?

Many people prefer wireless headsets and have told us they are using Bluetooth headsets (Airpods, etc.) since moving to remote work. They can work, but you can experience the following problems:

  • Low wireless range making you stuck close to your computer
  • Less than optimal sound quality
  • Headset discomfort
  • Battery life may not last a full day
  • Not optimized to work with your computer software such as Zoom, RingCentral, or other phone software, causing echo or bad sound.

Why you should consider Leitner

  • Excellent range -- up to 350 feet. You can even get this range in Bluetooth mode if the device connected to the headset remains within 30 feet of the base.
  • Great sound quality! It is like you are in the same room as everyone even when 1000 miles apart.
  • Has many comfortable designs, with the headbands being able to be molded to fit any head.
  • The battery lasts up to 8 hours - and that is talk-time!
  • Optimized to work on the computer with softphones, which cuts down on echo and background noise around you.

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