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Leitner LH375 Wireless Headset – Works With Your Office Phone, Computer, and Cell Phone

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headset icon Will it work with my phone?

Yes! Your office phone works with the Leitner Wireless Headset
  • Easily connect to your office phone, computer, and cell phone – switch between them with the press of a button
  • Zip around the office taking calls from all of your different devices
  • Comes (of course) with a 5-year full-replacement warranty
  • Walk, talk, and move around your office for a full workday on a single charge
  • Be the productivity rock star in your office – merge your office phone, computer, or cell phone calls with UniBase® Conferencing Technology
  • Hear your Customers every time – CleanSound™ technology recognizes speech, making the low and high tones come through crystal clear
  • Don't need to connect to your cell phone? You'll love the LH275, which offers all the same benefits, minus Bluetooth
  • Smart call detection will chime to let you know your cell is ringing. Switch modes to automatically answer the call!

More about the LH375

Thinking about a wireless headset but not sure which one to choose? The LH375 is the only Leitner Headset that covers both of your ears and connects to all of your devices - including cell phones via Bluetooth!

The LH375 wireless Bluetooth headset allows you to seamlessly switch between your desk phone, computer, and cell phone at a moment's notice – all while wearing the same soft earpad and flexible headband.

As an added benefit, merge any 2 of the 3 modes together into one conference call with UniBase® Conferencing Technology...
  • Office phone merged with computer? Sure!
  • Computer with cell phone? Why not!
  • Office phone with cell phone? People may think you're a madman, but you can do that too!
The 5-year full-replacement warranty is a staple of Leitner headsets, and the LH375 maintains a high standard of longevity. In the unlikely event of an issue, we'll replace your LH375 anytime in the first 5 years of its life. (That includes the battery too!)
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Leitner – more compatible than any other headset

Technical Specifications

Manufacturer: Leitner
Catalog Number: 2453
Type: Wireless
Max Range / Cord Length: 350 feet
Weight: 1.9 oz.
Compatibility: Works with your existing single or multi-line corded phone, PC/Mac, and any Bluetooth device
Microphone: Ultra noise-canceling
Earpiece: Leatherette
Color: Black
Special Technologies: Tri-Compatibility (Office phone, computer, and Bluetooth enabled)
Warranty: 5-Year Full Replacement
Battery Life: Up to 8 hours
Replaceable Battery: Yes
Handset Lifter Compatible: Yes
Busy Light: Compatible
Digital Encryption: Yes
What's in the box?: LH375, Base Station, DCA, USB Cord, Phone Cable, Windscreen Protector, Manual, Quick Start Guide
Handset Lifter Included?: No
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