• Say goodbye to interruptions with a light that glows bright red when you're on a call
  • Active-Listening technology means the light activates when either party is talking
  • Not on a call but need to focus? Flip the switch to 'Do Not Disturb' mode and your light will turn a cool purple


Office distractions are everywhere. Tony wants his reports, Sarah wants to borrow paperclips, Henry wants to talk politics ? they interrupt your flow and stunt your productivity. Meet your new best friend: the BusyBuddy. It shines red when you're on a call, letting others know that now is not a good time.

Unlike other busy lights, the BusyBuddy glows bright when there's sound from EITHER side of the line ? keeping interrupters at bay, even when you're on hold!

With the included adhesive disc, you can stick this bad boy anywhere you want ? desk, door, computer, forehead... you get the picture.

Not on a call, but want some focus time? Flip on 'Do Not Disturb' mode and your BusyBuddy glows a cool purple, letting your comrades know you've got important work to do.

Technical Specifications

Manufacturer Executive Pro
Catalog Number 2372
Type Wireless
Max Range / Cord Length 6 ft.
Weight 0.75 oz.
Color Black & Red
Special Technologies Voice-Activated
Warranty 2-Year Full Replacement
Handset Lifter Compatible Not Applicable
DC Adapter Compatible Yes
What's in the box? BusyBuddy Light; DC Power Adapter; 2 Sided Adhesive Disc for Light Placement; Executive 2 Splitter Box; 18" Black RJ9 Telephone Cord; USB Cord

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