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Team Profiles

Here are our favorite headsets and why we like them...

Mike Faith, CEO, wearing the LH280 wireless headset from Sennheiser
Mike FaithCEO

Favorite Headset

Leitner LH280 Wireless Headset

I love the range, comfort, and sound of the LH280. I love the cool, On-the-Ear design too. I don't use the phone a lot, but some days I'll do a few hours non-stop and the LH280 makes it easy to roam. Great for the office, or for when I do calls at home (yes I have one there too), so I can do dishes, change the sheets, or have a cheeky drink :-) while I'm listening. True multitasking that helps me get a lot more done, and stay fitter!

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Our Customer Service Team
Matt Burnaford, Customer Service Manager, wearing the OfficeRunner wireless office headset
Matt BurnafordCustomer Service Manager

Favorite Headset

OfficeRunner Wireless Headset from Sennheiser - Essential Bundle

After using nearly every headset available, I found true love with the OfficeRunner in 2013. I remember it like it was yesterday. The range, the style, the fit, the talk time! I've never met another headset that worked so well on so many levels.

Jeff Warren wearing the Leitner LH275
Jeff WarrenHeadset Advisor

Favorite Headset

Leitner® LH275 Dual-Ear Wireless Headset

I love, love, LOVE my LH275! It's light, comfortable, and easy to set up and use. The binaural earpieces allow me to better focus on my Customer because the background noise is diminished (Squirrel! Shiny! What's that over there?!?). In addition the range it offers me is spectacular. I can be anywhere in the office and still communicate with our Customers, plus the lifter allows me to answer calls from anywhere in the office. I get sort of antsy sitting in one place for too long so the ability to move around is priceless! The LH275 is the bee's knees for me!

Johnny wearing the LH275
Johnny SullivanHeadset Advisor

Favorite Headset

Leitner LH270 Over-the-Head Wireless Headset

My favorite headset is the Leitner LH270. I prefer the Leitner headset for the excellent noise cancellation on the microphone and the single-ear wearing style for comfort.

Philip Maynard, Headset Advisor, wearing the Leitner LH280
Philip MaynardHeadset Advisor

Favorite Headset

Leitner® LH280 Wireless On-the-Ear Headset

I love the LH280. Between its comfortable On-the-Ear wearing style and crisp sound quality it really can't be beat. I'm on the phones 8 hours a day and need a headset that not only has the reliability and battery life that the Leitner brand brings, but my headset also needs to be comfortable enough that I forget I'm wearing it.

Keri wearing Leitner LH270
Keri RobertsHeadset Advisor

Favorite Headset

Leitner® LH270 Wireless Over-the-Head Headset

I’d have to say my favorite headset is the LH270. Its super comfortable to wear and is so easy to set up and use. I also love that I'm able to be on the move while talking on the phone and I'm not tied to the desk! The sound is always nice and clear! Try it… you won’t regret it!😊

Kevin Pena, Volume Purchasing Advisor, wearing the OfficeRunner
Kevin PenaVolume Purchasing Advisor

Favorite Headset

Leitner LH370 Wireless Headset

My favorite headset is the LH370. Super easy to put on and take off. It's light, comfy, and buttons are right where you'd expect them to be. The best part though is that I can make calls on my desk phone, computer, and answer calls from my Mom on my cell phone too :-)

Kamika Royal wearing the Sennheiser DW Pro2
Kamika RoyalHeadset Advisor

Favorite Headset

DW Pro2 Wireless Headset System from Sennheiser - Basic Bundle

I love my DW Pro2! It has all the perks of the OfficeRunner but it covers both ears, allowing me to focus 100% of my attention on my callers. I used to use a single-ear headset and I found myself plugging my other ear with my finger to block out background noise. That was not productive! I am now completely hands-free with the DW Pro2!

I especially love that the DW Pro2 has the ability to seamlessly switch back and forth from phone mode to computer mode via USB. I can listen to music in my downtime and simply click the phone button to answer an incoming call.

The noise-cancelling features for both speaking and listening are awesome for busy call centers. The headband is comfortable enough to wear all day (and doesn’t get stuck in my hair!) and the ear pads are cushy and soft. I have worn headsets in the past that give me mild headaches by the end of my day and the headband for this doesn’t bother me no matter how long I have it on. I can honestly say that the DW Pro2 is the most comfortable headset I have ever worn!

Alex Lamberson wearing the Sennheiser DW Pro2
Alex LambersonHeadset Advisor

Favorite Headset

DW Pro2 Wireless Headset System from Sennheiser - Basic Bundle

My favorite headset is the Sennheiser DW Pro2. This headset never fails to provide crystal clear audio and all-day comfort! The noise canceling microphone is great at cutting out any background noise and focusing on my voice. Having a headset that covers both ears is great for me to limit distractions and give my full attention to who I’m speaking with. Plus, it’s super comfy – seriously. I wear this thing all day and I will never give it up!