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Our team members are spread across the U.S., with the majority based in either Nashville or San Francisco. We’re a focused, Customer-loving group, boasting an average tenure of 5 years.

Our Headset Advisors undergo a minimum of 6-10 weeks of training to become experts in all aspects of office headsets. Most importantly, they learn how to treat Customers with a mixture of personalized service and expert knowledge.


    Us vs The Other Guys

    We couldn’t resist adding a cheeky chart showing how we compare to “them.”

    The Other Company
    Warranty 5-years 1- or 2-years
    Shipping Free 2-Day Not clear
    Support US-Based (and it rocks!) Sent overseas to save a buck
    Average Support Time Phone: 6 sec avg answer
    Email: 11 min avg response
    Phone: 3 min avg answer
    Email: 24 hr avg response
    Returns 365 days. Yes, really! Who do I send it back to?
    % of Company solely helping end users 50% 3%
    Free Trials Yes! Always 60 days. Not clear
    Love Quotient We love you. There you go, we said it, it was easy ❤ They'd probably find it quite awkward to say that
    Ownership Private Public
    Motivations Long-term success Short-term stock gains
    Primary Focus Customers & Quality Quarterly earnings
    Leadership Founder Led Hired CEO Led
    Market Focus Narrow and deep Broad with expanding distractions
    Strategy Model Direct to you Multi-layer distribution (finger-pointing when there's a problem)
    CEO Eligibility Single Married, sorry