Type: Swivel


  • Replace your old worn out Leitner Ear Cushion
  • Refreshes your headset when there's a new user
  • Sold individually


Things get lost. It happens, and ear cushions are no exception. Not to worry though, the Leitner Leatherette Ear Cushion is just as comfy as the original.

Don't like the feel of a leatherette? Check out the Leitner Foam Ear Pad.

Technical Specifications

Manufacturer Leitner
Catalog Number 2344
Type Wireless
Weight 0.1 oz.
Compatibility Not Applicable
Earpiece Leatherette
Color Black
Special Technologies Not Applicable
Warranty 5-Year Full Replacement
Handset Lifter Compatible Not Applicable
What's in the box? One Replacement Leitner Leatherette Ear Cushion

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