5 More Small Companies Hiring Right Now

The Street
Laurie Kulikowski

Headsets.com is not a new company—it’s been around for 14 years—but is seeing enough pickup in business that CEO Mike Faith says it needs additional Customer Service reps.

“We’re getting an increase in calls and inquiries about headsets,” he says.

Headsets.com is an online-only retailer for, you guessed it, headsets for businesses and offices. Faith expects the company to end the year at $19 million in sales, with a 26% rise in sales next year.

“There is a certainly an increase year-over-year in business activity, so I think businesses are starting to be a little more comfortable with spending. And maybe because other companies are hiring, new hiring means new headsets, so that might have an impact as well,” he says.

Like Aldrich, Faith sees applicants coming from the ranks of the already employed.

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