Business bits: Look, no hands

Star News Online
Wayne Faulkner

We live in an area where it seems every SUV comes equipped with a cell phone stuck to the ear of the driver - whether he or she is going 15 or 85. Elsewhere, there is a move to hands-free cell phone talking or a total ban on phoning while driving. There are laws banning cell phone usage while driving in Connecticut, New Jersey, New York and the District of Columbia, and they're due to go into effect in California and Washington.

So beware, Wilmingtonians: Those are states where many of us will visit family this summer or rent cars for summer vacations.

Studies by the Harvard Center for Risk Analysis have shown that 2,600 people are killed each year in the United States in accidents related to driver distraction from using a cell phone, points out., which stands to gain each time a city or state passes a ban. But the online retailer of cell phone headsets has a unique approach: says it will offer a free cell phone headset to anyone who sends them a copy of his or her traffic citation for making calls while driving.

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