Headsets.com Addresses Rumors of Merger with Virgin-Apple

Despite rumors, Headsets.com CEO Mike Faith says that Headsets.com will not join the potential Virgin-Apple merger. Rumors of the two way, then three way merger of the companies grew over the week and Faith was keen to put them to an end.

“Yes, there are synergies, both cultural and strategic, but we’re too early in our market space development to consider a merger right now,” said Faith. He talked about his admiration for both Branson and Jobs and how they both influenced his own leadership style, as well as dramatic growth of Headsets.com.

InterNIC showed recent domain acquisitions that pointed to potential activity for Virgin, Apple, and Headsets.com. Included in the domain acquisitions were VirginHeadsets.com and iHeadsets.com.

Mike Faith’s personal website shows pictures of him and Branson from several years back. Sources confirmed that Jobs and Faith had met although it isn’t clear if business or merger activity was discussed.

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