Headsets.com Includes Sweet Treats in Device Packaging

Shamila Janakiraman

Headsets.com announced that it is using the traditional way of attracting customers by including a sweet candy in the packages used to ship their devices. According to company sources, this sweet addition is considered their unique brand of Customer Love.

The company was desirous to make a difference. When all other shipments usually include loads of paper and packaging material, advertisements and other things Headsets.com struck upon this idea of including a candy with its hi-tech products, making their customers happier.

In a press release, Rick Mills, shipping manager of Headsets.com, said, “We actually had to test different candy to see what would show up after a night in transit, and still be as delicious as when we sent it. Only the classic Tootsie Rolls could make the trip.”

It was revealed that Headsets.com sends the classic chocolate sometimes and at other times they include the fruit-flavored ones. Customers seem to love this little addition. Customer feedback from them shows that they really do appreciate receiving a treat in the form of a nut-free and gluten-free Tootsie Roll in their package.

Now, customers are getting these delicious treats along with the current best seller at Headsets.com, the OfficeRunner wireless telephone headset from Sennheiser, added company officials.

As technology evolves the headset models also match the changes in technology. Headsets.com has found a new way to keep customer happy irrespective of technology with the delivery of Tootsie Rolls in its packaging.

During a recent promotional event the number of candies was doubled which resulted in a remarkable increase in sales that week. This result further reiterated the fact that sweets do bring people together, and here it keeps customers coming back to Headsets.com.

According to CEO, Mike Faith, of Headsets.com, he founded the company some decades back when there was a short supply of suitable headsets to increase the user’s productivity. At that time there were no companies that offered a wide selection of headsets, product knowledge, or support after the purchase, which Faith leveraged to start his own venture.

The company has provided headsets to more than 500,000 customers backed by customer service and focus on the needs of users. A free lifetime support guarantee accompanies every product which entails that the company will replace any faulty unit immediately.

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