Five Tips on Using Customer Service to Grow Your Business

The key to the outstanding success of is their commitment to the providing the largest selection of headphones and conferencers at the best price and with outstanding Customer service. Here are five tips from Mike Faith, President & CEO:

  1. Put the Customer first. Focus on Customer service so that when people call they have an outstanding experience and you can keep them as lifetime Customers.
  2. Ask your Customers how you're doing. We include a brief Customer service survey in the box with every shipment and offer Customers a $10 discount if they complete it. The survey asks a small number of questions, in particular how was their experience with the Customer service rep, and we rank our Customer service reps based on the results that come back from these surveys.
  3. Hire the right people. We've honed our hiring process and place a lot of emphasis on personality type to ensure that the employee is able to listen to what the Customer really wants and to be able to provide that. This is far more important to us in the selection process than their level of experience.
  4. Think outside the box. We use a business psychologist and voice coach that most of our Customer service reps speak with regularly. They talk with this person during the training process and as a ongoing career development process.
  5. Don't become a slave to technology. We have a very sophisticated phone system with a lot of features. But we've actually disabled many of them because it made the whole Customer experience way too complicated. Always keep track of the Customer 's perspective and you'll do just fine.

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