Headsets.com announces the sad passing of Jason Headsetsdotcom 

December 27, 2013

It’s been almost one year since the wacky name change for Jason Sadler, who became Jason Headsetsdotcom on Jan. 1, 2013 and pocketed a $45,500 check from Headsets.com. This past year, Jason has spread the name Headsets.com throughout the land. Jason is happy with his $45K and Headsets.com is happy with the publicity garnered. Now Jason is passing on.

Mike Faith, CEO of Headsets.com commented, “For the duration of 2013, Jason has rejoiced in possessing one of the proudest surnames in America. However, we have received the sad news that on Jan. 1, 2014, Jason Headsetsdotcom will no longer exist. It will be a sad day for us here at Headsets.com.” Buying Sadler’s last name was a first, and a great bargain says Faith. “We received over 6 million dollars of publicity. We call Jason our Six Million Dollar Man. However, we recognize that no matter how valuable any person may be to a company, nothing lasts forever. And so we wish Jason happiness in his future last name regenerations.”

This change leaves an empty chair at the Headsets.com table and Headsets.com has received several approaches from people wishing to change their names to Headsets.com. “We’re open to approaches. Maybe we’ll even adopt a whole soccer team or something like that. Let’s get creative and think really whacky here.”

Faith is open to offers from people and says he doesn’t even mind paying more for the right opportunity.

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