Trying to create a ‘Sharknado’ with…T-shirts?

Cindy Permann

The Holy Grail for Internet advertising is the viral video. And while many an executive has uttered the words “we think this thing can go viral”—few actually know how to tweak Web weather patterns to create a “Sharknado.”

Well, the guy who rose to online stardom during the recession by starting a business as a professional T-shirt wearer thinks he knows. It’s something he calls “an Internet advertising flash mob.”

The idea is that, instead of just one guy wearing a company’s shirt and generating buzz about the brand on Facebook, Twitter, YouTube and other social media sites, you get 500 or more people putting on a shirt and hitting the social media circuit—multiplying the buzz.

“Thousands of people were emailing me saying they want to be shirt wearers,” said founder Jason HeadsetsDotCom. (And yes, that’s his legal name—at least until the sponsorship runs out! He was known as Jason Sadler.)

So, he thought—why not? Why not offer companies an opportunity to have not one, not two, not five, but 500 people wear their shirt at the same time?

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