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Wired USB Headsets for Computer

Keep the cord with wired USB headsets that connect to your Mac or Windows PC’s USB port. These will work great... Read more

Happy Customers

"I love my headset AND your Customer Service. You are second to none."

Sherie Akerley
Joseph F Campbell Dpm
Fort Myers, FL
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"All of your staff were excellent. I've never had better a Customer Service experience!"

Angie Tom
Manheim Aloha Auto
Honolulu, HI
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"Received excellent headset service! I can always count on getting a real person to talk to."

Amy Chase
Benton Parker Inc.
Gainesville, GA
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"You have an exceptional group of people and the best Customer Service. Exceeded my expectations!"

Eileen Hallock
Oberon Design
Petaluma, CA
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"You're professional and you know your headsets. Fantastic! That's why I come back over and over again to"

Geri Custer
DGCS, Inc.
Phoenix, AZ
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" is awesome! From Customer Service to headset support I can always count on you guys."

Jeff Lim
H And R Block
Huntington Beach, CA
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"Your company really has some of the best Customer Service of anyone I've dealt with."

Jane Bayley
Western Capital Partners
Denver, CO
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"Your Customer Service is phenomenal Thank you for being so personable!"

Rachael Arreguin
New Door Ventures
San Francisco, CA
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"I received the best Customer Service possible. I look forward to future purchases with you."

Robyn Jackson
Long Beach, CA
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"Honestly, gets it right every time! Why? Because you listen to your Customers."

Anita Cutonilli
Xonex Incorporated
New Castle, DE
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"The best staff I have ever worked with. Excellent Customer Service. A+++

Siamak Mojdeh
Colchester, VT
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" Customer Service department has been excellent. On a scale of 1-10 your company scores an 11 with me."

Joy Grognet
Retail Construction
Lake Elmo, MN
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"I'll never buy a headset anywhere else!"

Melissa Ward
MLW Transportation
Ormond Beach, FL
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"Your company has always been awesome in helping us find the right headsets."

Michelle Ware
C.D. Schulte Agency
Garnett, KS
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"Best customer service I've had in a long time!! Fantastic representative I talked to today!"

Nicole Graham
Insurance Advisors Inc.
Grand Rapids, MN
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"Customer representative was a port in a storm, water in a desert, and a great Headset Specialist. A perfect 10!"

Nancy Brown
Bank of America
Greenbrae, CA
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"Excellent service every time! You guys rock!"

Dove Johnson
Kenneth S. Nugent. P.C.
Atlanta, GA
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"You were exceptional. The man who helped me on the phone was very knowledgeable, kind, and helpful."

Kristin Conant
Marriott Hotels
Newport Beach, CA
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"I appreciate the great Customer Service! It's always a pleasure doing business with"

Maggie Barnes