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Executive Pro Series

The Executive Pro Series can be purchased as three different systems. The durability, crystal-clear sound and comfort of the Executive Pro Series makes it one of the most popular choices for call centers, receptionists and executives. Choose from three headset styles: the Harmony is a binaural headset that covers both ears, while the Melody covers only one ear. The Rhapsody is a light-weight convertible headset designed to rest gently on your ear or over your head. Each Executive Pro System includes an amplifier, which boosts the signal from your phone to your headset.

The Executive Pro Series delivers quality of sound, comfort over extended periods of time, and ease of use at a significantly lower price as compared with competing brands.

If you work in a noisy office, the noise canceling microphone will help you by filtering out up to 70% of background noise. If you're looking for a corded headset, the Executive Pro will almost certainly have a fit for you.

Choose a Headset Style:

All Executive Pro Systems include a headset and amplifier. Choose between the Harmony, Melody and Rhapsody. Click any image below to view the detailed product page.

Harmony Headset
Melody Headset
Rhapsody Headset
EP Amplifier