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Leitner Wireless Headset:
#1 Office Headset on Amazon!

Leitner Wireless Headsets give you the freedom to get more done while on calls and video meetings.

Leitner is the highest-rated wireless headset on Amazon and guaranteed to be compatible with your phone and PC. Feel better, sound better, and get more done.

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  • LH270 Microphone
  • Leitner Headset in base
  • Guaranteed


  • 5-year full replacement


  • Try it for 60 days


UltraFlex Headband

You can bend and mold the headband for a customized fit

Customizable Wearing Style

On the ear. single, double….the choice is yours. Get the same great features in any wearing style.

CleanSound Technology

Clear, crisp calls. Premium speakers make your phone calls sound crystal clear.

Ultra Noise-Canceling Microphone

Shut out the distractions for your caller, from noisy co-workers to children or pets in the background.

Volume Up/Down/Mute

Easily control the volume and mute yourself when you feel the need to sneeze.

Auto-Swivel Earpiece

A soft, leather earpiece feels good. But one that moves effortlessly with you while you work? Now we're talking!

UniBase® Conferencing Technology

Working remotely or in the office, you can merge your computer & desk phone calls by the press of a button.

Why Choose Leitner?

  • 5-Year Full Replacement Warranty

  • Ultra Noise-Canceling Microphone

  • UniBase Conferencing Technology

  • Cleansound Technology

  • UltraFlex Headband

  • Universal Compatibiliy

Leitner is the highest rated telephone headset on Amazon!

Review #681 out of 3,138

Leitner was the solution to my problems! Now I only need 1 headset and I can switch back and forth between computer calls and landline calls. I usually forget that I'm wearing it until I get a call or need to make one.

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Review #389 out of 3,138

After too many years of being tethered to a wire, I treated myself to this headset. The audio features, headset comfort, ease of use, and off-the-charts amazing customer service have made this one of my best purchases in 25 years of owning my own business.

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Review #225 out of 3,138

I couldn't be happier. It's lightweight, has excellent sound quality and crystal clear reception when moving about a 15,000 square foot area. This is the one you've been looking for!

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Review #2,113 out of 3,138

I got this headset because I wanted phenomenal audio quality as well as a rock solid guarantee and support I could count on. Have not been disappointed.

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Review #1,692 out of 3,138

Put this thing on for 2 min, and you completely forget it's there. Light years above any headset I've used, and I used to work at a call center.

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Review #1,186 out of 3,138

After working remote for the last 1.5 years and getting back into the office I was looking to switch up from the Plantronics I had been using. I'm very happy with the product and the light weight of the headset. Definitely worth the buy in my book.

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Review #1,981 out of 3,138

Most days we have 100-200 calls. These headsets make it easier to handle all the calls efficiently. They're lightweight but excellent quality. We really love the 5-year warranty and excellent customer service.

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Review #886 out of 3,138

I love this headset. I was simply stunned at the mobility I have with the Leitner, I can go into the yard and throw the dog's frisbee or walk upstairs and cook. This headset has really changed my work-at-home life.

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Buying Headsets in Bulk?

Meeting the needs of an entire office or call center can be challenging. We're here to keep things easy and get you great pricing on your headsets.

Larger companies and contact centers usually need more headset knowledge, experience, and guidance – and I’m happy to help! With the right headsets, productivity and efficiency can increase. But not all businesses are the same so it can be tricky to trust a “one size fits all” headset to meet your team’s needs.

With our free trials you'll never be stuck with the wrong headset. Give it a try and if you’re not a raving fan, we'll keep working until you get headsets that you and your team love.