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Customer Service for is an Equal Opportunity Employer -- which is a fancy way of saying that we don't care what you look like, where you come from, who you sleep with, or any of that other stuff. Just be a hard worker with a great attitude, who can love our Customers.

Now that we've got the corporate crap out of the way, let's get to know each other…

This is NOT a prospecting job. No sales quotas. No commissions. Simply good old-fashioned Customer service 🙂. Our team members field incoming calls from business Customers to get service, support, and help choosing the right headset for their needs.

We've been helping businesses find the right headsets online and over the phone since 1997. We were one of the fastest growing privately held companies twice, and we're a two-time winner of the "100 Best Places to Work" award. But don't take our word for it -- check us out on Glassdoor!

We're a fast-paced company focused on Customer service and support, based in Nashville and we're hiring team members!

The Job:

We're looking for stand out performers who enjoy working hard, doing a great job, learning, and most importantly, helping our Customers. If you want a conventional clock-punching, entry-level Customer Service job, this isn't it.

Our Headset Advisors (that's what we call Customer Service Reps) receive incoming calls and emails from existing and new Customers. Business Customers call us to get service, support, and sales for their telephone headsets. We offer unparalleled Customer Service to create and maintain great Customer relationships. The ability to wow Customers on the telephone and via email is a must for this position. Check out this short video to see who we are and learn a little more about us!

Our office is open between 7:30am and 6:30pm CST and our team members work between 32-40 hours per week Monday - Friday. We're currently hiring for a 40 hour per week schedule with full benefits.

We're hiring for a start date between Nov. 15th and Dec. 3rd.


…don't need to know anything about headsets; positive attitudes matter most to us!

…have excellent telephone communication and listening skills

…sound great on the phone

…are a fast learner, and are eager to develop and grow new skills quickly

…have a strong attention to detail

…are patient (your phone will ring at you all day and a lot of our Customers require product support)

…are consistently on time and incredibly reliable

…can guide Customers through our website

…have a quiet, well-lit area at home with enough room to work, and a reliable, fast internet connection (don't worry, we supply the phone and computer, and of course, the headset!)


We're currently offering the flexibility of a hybrid work environment where our Team Members work Monday through Wednesday in the office, Thursdays are in-office or work from home, and on Fridays the entire team works from home.

Our office is located on Air Lane Drive near the Nashville airport. Admittedly not one of the hippest neighborhoods, but it does offer the benefit of being on a hill (helpful during floods 🙂) and close to Donelson with some lunch options.


You bet! We figured we wouldn't get many volunteers no matter how good the job is. We start at $18/hour; paid vacation, health and dental all start after one month as well.

Bonuses/Perks: is an advocate of community involvement and we offer two days of paid non-profit work a year so you can choose a way for you to help your community and be paid your regular wages for those two days. We also offer:

  • $50/per pay period to help cover high-speed internet costs
  • 15 paid vacation days per year
  • 6 paid holidays per year
  • Quarterly book-a-day, get-a-day (book two days of consecutive PTO, and get one free!)
  • After two years, everyone that consistently works a full 5-day work week, gets an additional full week of paid time off on top of those 15 paid days off
  • Full dollar for dollar 401K matching up to 4% of your pay
  • Educational training, including work with business coaches
  • Free headsets every quarter
  • Free shoes for great sales days
  • After 5 years with the company, everyone that consistently works a full 5-day work week gets a full-month paid sabbatical and a fancy Tag watch to keep track of all that time off 🙂
  • From time to time we offer additional bonuses, profit-sharing and options in the company

Getting Hired:

We normally spend two to three weeks getting to know the folks who are looking to join the team – this includes a few phone calls, and a couple of in-person meetings. We find it's worthwhile to invest the time to get people that are right for the position, and also give you good exposure to the work we do and our company culture. We want you to be the right fit for us and we want us to be right fit for you too.

What Now? (Here's how to apply!):

You can apply in one of three ways (yep, it's up to you):

  1. E-mail us at
  2. Text us at (415) 351-5878
  3. Leave us a voicemail (415) 351-5878

Once you've decided how to reach out, follow the steps below to apply:

  1. DO NOT SEND A RESUME (told you we're not conventional 🙂)
  2. Include the subject line "Nashville Customer Service"
  3. Include a phone number and earliest/latest time in the day we can reach you
  4. Tell us a little about yourself and why you might like this position, and what you did in your last/current employment.
  5. Tell us when you'd be available to start
  6. BONUS: Stand out by including a positive experience you've had with another company as a Customer

We tend to get a lot of interest and we don't usually respond to all initial applications, although if we do get to meet you for an interview we'll be sure to follow up with you at every stage after that.

If this job isn't for you, but you've got a friend, mother, colleague, son, or pet that could be a fit – do them a favor and forward this on. They'll be sure to thank you 🙂

Whether you want to apply or not, we're always looking for feedback (it's one of our core values). Send your suggestions for how this job ad could be better, and we'll send a $50 Amazon gift card to the person with the best idea every week while we're running this ad.