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(San Francisco, California)

San Francisco-based was recently chosen by the USDA Graduate School as their world class Customer Service Benchmark as part of the school’s intensive 12-month Executive Potential Program. The program is designed to develop senior-level managers for numerous government organizations and the residential component focused on benchmarking to identify outstanding practices in both the government and private sectors. was used to showcase the level of customer service and communication that can be achieved through the establishment of a genuine Customer-Centric Culture. The participant experience included a 10 person team visit to's Daniel Burnham Court offices where CEO Mike Faith provided a personification of the company's philosophy of genuinely putting customers first. Faith explained how the company culture has evolved into a sincere "Customer Focus" and how numerous standards have been introduced to ensure that their customers are always more than merely satisfied; an approach has held the company in good stead even during the currently challenging economic environment.’s involvement with the program culminated in a closing day presentation to all participants by their Voice Coach Ken Welsh, who is currently visiting the company from Australia.

"While has won numerous awards, the inclusion of our company as the Customer Service Benchmark for the USDA Graduate School is definitely a highlight for our Festive Season," says Faith. "This recognition is more than a pat on the back for the company, it's an accolade for our complete team recruited from throughout the US and brought to San Francisco, where only the best will do."