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How to replace your OfficeRunner® battery

  1. Detach the earloop or the headband from the headset
  2. Pull up or apply pressure to the shiny black lip above the speaker. This will cause the battery door to pop open, exposing the battery
  3. Disconnect the existing battery by pulling on the white plug to separate it from the tan base
  4. After a few seconds, connect the new battery to the headset and gently close the battery door
  5. Charge your headset for one hour and you’re ready to go!

Here’s what some of our OfficeRunner Customers are saying:

“I love the sleek, modern design. I love the PC/Phone feature. I can do training, webinars, listen to music and take a call in one headset.”

- Eric Ringler

Livengood, DeVore & Co.

Lavale, MD

“Crystal-clear sound quality – both for standard calls and the delightful feature of instant one-touch over to Skype calls as well.”

- Anthony Sandberg

OCSC, Inc.

Berkeley, CA

“With most businesses having to do more with less, this small investment gives me the freedom to get more things accomplished throughout most of our facility.”

- Martica Pitt

South Trail Fire & Rescue Service District

Fort Myers, FL