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Plantronics M2500 Pairing Guide

Disclaimer: We do not sell this headset, thus do not have much information on it aside from what is already in this article.

Pairing your Plantronics M2500 to Your Cell Phone

  1. Put your phone into pairing mode

    This can usually be accomplished by going under settings in your menu and selecting Bluetooth. Follow the prompts to "find a new device." If you are having problems, refer to your phone's user guide.

  2. Put your M2500 headset into pairing mode

    Press and hold down the call control button while also rotating the multi function dial upward (away from the light) until the indicator light on the headset starts flashing red then green.

  3. Select the headset in your phone's Bluetooth device menu and enter in universal key

    Your phone may or may not ask you to enter in a key code. If it does, the code is always four zeros: