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(Even if you think you don't)


#1 Your calls keep you tied to your desk

Sitting down all day can be a pain…literally!

Plus, it's not the best way to stay healthy. Sure, there are standing desks, but even then, you’re still stuck in one place for much of the day. With Leitner's UltraRange you can roam your home or office to get your steps in without neglecting your calls.

#2 You need more time in your day

They say multi-tasking is a myth. Well, not with a wireless headset.

Not only can you use both hands to type, write, file, and more. You can actually walk away from your desk, phone, or computer to get more done around your home or office while staying on your call or meeting.

#3 You use Zoom, Teams, or a softphone

Most people sound like crap in Zoom meetings. You don’t have to be one of them!

Leitner wireless headsets connect to desk phones and computers. This means next time you’re on a video call, people will be able to hear you as well as they see you, if not better!

#4 People can't hear you

You sound amazing but the people you're talking to don't always know it.

Leitner wireless headsets have ultra noise-canceling microphones that remove the sounds around you that you don't want your caller to hear.

#5 You’re having to ask people to repeat themselves

If you hear it right, you won't have to hear it twice.

Keep your Customers from repeating themselves with Leitner's CleanSound technology. It’s designed to recognize speech, it makes the low and high tones come through crystal clear.