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Replace or Reset your DW Pro2 Battery

  1. Remove headset from the base. The battery is located underneath the ear of the headset opposite to the microphone.
  2. Snap the ear-cushion off with your fingernail. Find the small latch at the bottom of the headset. Push up and in on the latch to open the battery door.
  3. Pull off the battery door. You'll see that the battery is connected to some wires and a little white plug. Gently pull by the wires to disconnect it.
  4. For a reset, leave the battery out for about 30 seconds and then plug it back in.
  5. For a replacement, take your new battery and plug it back in. Line the black wire up on the left when holding the headset upright. Line up the plug with the receptacle and gently plug it back in.
  6. Once it's plugged in, re-seat the battery.
  7. Reseal the battery door and reattach the ear-cushion.
  8. Put your microphone back on the charging base and leave it to charge for a full hour.