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Customer Resources

Our goal is to make the shopping process as easy as possible. That is why we put so much emphasis on Customer service; we believe that if you like doing business with us, you will return. We have Headset Specialists standing by during business hours ready to assist you at 1-800-HEADSETS (1-800-432-3738).

The following links address common questions and situations that our Customers have faced in the past. While a web page is no substitute for a real person, many of our shoppers have been able to find the answers they need here. If you still can't resolve your problem, you can always send an email to, and you will receive a reply in 2 business hours from a Specialist dedicated to answering your emails.

How to Order

Guides you through the online checkout process or ordering over the phone.

Live Online Help

Explains how this feature can improve your shopping experience.

International Orders

For requests to ship abroad.


Explains our shipping charges.

Our Commitment

We put the Customer first. Why do we conduct business this way?

60-Day Money Back Guarantee

No questions asked.


If you need to return a product,
follow these instructions.

Product Support

Are you having trouble with your product? Just call 1-800-923-0018 or email us!

Privacy Policy

What do we do with your personal information?