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“We use ShoreTel Sky
Mike Faith, CEO

Why ShoreTel Sky?

The experts at ShoreTel Sky work to build a completely scalable, efficient and integrative system for your office that caters to the individual needs of your company as well as the future goals of the business. Easy-to-use, they help in routing inbound callers to the correct customer service representative, they offer options for administrators to join a call for training purposes and they provide you with training on how your new system works. Simply put, they identify your needs and help you to meet them, while planning for the future.  They make it work.

Advanced Technologies

Above and beyond simple phone features, they also offer advanced technologies that span several levels of interaction. These technologies include push messaging, mobile accessibility, online collaboration and even video conferencing. For offices who already utilize some of these features with various other companies, they offer a unified communication system that provides convenience and stability.


Scalability, as mentioned earlier, is now even easier. Whether you need to set up a last-minute satellite office or you´re opening up several offices - they can take you from a three system account to a three-hundred system account with everyone using the same setup to cut down on training and confusion.


One of the biggest advantages you have with ShoreTel Sky is accessibility and universal support. Gone are the days of only having help from a specific technical representative. Support can be provided directly from ShoreTel Sky or handled internally by an in-house IT representative who’s personally trained by one of their support staff.

Compatible with a wide variety of headsets, existing phone systems, enterprises and computers they offer you the best of both worlds: ease-of-use and state of the art features.

Getting started is easy

Ditch the phone company and go with something that works. Call ShoreTel Sky (now owned by Mitel!) at 1-877-776-6729 .