• Snap into your SuperLoop to make your headset more secure than ever
  • Run, jump, or bend over without risk of your headset coming loose
  • Keep your hair completely untouched by a headband
  • Equal weight distribution on both ears and your neck


Using a behind-the-neck band has several advantages over other wearing styles. It ensures your headset stays on your head, and not on the floor. Walk, run, cartwheel. The Behind-the-Neck Band can handle the velocity.

As an added bonus, the Behind-the-Neck-Band and SuperLoop combo eliminates any need for an over-the-head band. Maintain that sweet hairdo, and generally look cooler than your coworkers.

The Behind-the-Neck Band snaps into your SuperLoop to create the perfect accessory duo.

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Technical Specifications

Manufacturer Sennheiser
Catalog Number 2381
Type Wireless
Max Range / Cord Length N/A
Weight 0.25 oz.
Compatibility Not Applicable
Earpiece Rubber
Color Black
Warranty 2-Year Full Replacement
Handset Lifter Compatible Not Applicable
What's in the box? Sennheiser BTN Band

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