This product has been discontinued


  • Easy to see – the sleek design is easily seen from every angle
  • Universal compatibility – the Busy Beacon is guaranteed compatible with 98% of office phones and headsets
  • You're in control – the adjustable fade controller lets you decide how long the red light glows after your conversation goes quiet
  • Do Not Disturb Mode – On a Skype call, webinar or just want some focus time? Flip the busy switch and your Beacon glows a bright blue, keeping others at a distance
  • Install in seconds – quickly connects to your phone, headset and USB port for power
  • Industry-leading warranty – the Busy Beacon is covered by a 2-year, full-replacement warranty, in addition to our free lifetime product support


You're busy, you're important, and you want to look a little bit cool in the office while letting those around you know when not to interrupt.

If you're not busy you won't need the Busy Beacon. But for most phone users the Busy Beacon is not just a cool looking office tool, it's the perfect way to show others you're on the phone. The sleek design and bright red light makes it obvious when you're on the phone to even the clumsiest of interrupters. And if they still interrupt, the slender design works well as a prodding stick to fend them off.

Auto Signal Technology means the Busy Beacon works if there is noise on EITHER side of the line, and allows you to adjust the amount of time the light stays on.

Plus, for those times when you're not on the phone, but still want to be able to focus without interruption, flip the Do Not Disturb switch. The light will glow a cool blue as long as the switch is on, letting folks know to leave you be...or else.

Seconds to install, pennies a day, mounds of value.

Technical Specifications

Manufacturer Executive Pro
Catalog Number 2311
Type Wireless
Max Range / Cord Length 5.8 feet
Weight 1.4 oz.
Compatibility Not Applicable
Color Black with Red bulb
Special Technologies Voice-Activated
Warranty 2-Year Full Replacement
Handset Lifter Compatible Not Applicable
What's in the box? Busy Beacon; 2 Sided Adhesive for Light; Splitter Box; 70 inch USB Power Cable

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