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Customer with a Capital C

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  • Your guide to A+ Customer Service!
  • Case study of our Customer-Centric organization
  • World-Class Customer Service tips

More about this product

Customer with a Capital C provides a unique insight into the workings of one of North America's foremost customer service organizations,

Over the past decade the author, Ken Welsh, has worked as's voice coach, helping distil the vision of the company's CEO, Mike Faith, into a practical skill set. Mike's vision has always been to create a company where the Customer comes first, second, and always - a company that is truly Customer-centric.

With the help of everyone at, Ken Welsh has written Customer with a Capital C as a simple, easy to read case study of a truly Customer-centric organization. Through this, Customer with a Capital C provides a simple set of easily applied principles for anyone wishing to create a successful company where the Customer always comes first.

Ken Welsh is an Australian based, international business voice coach specializing in creating the Voice of a Business - the language, tone, rhythm and message. He works with businesses in over ten countries including education, sales, IT, health care, security, transport, land-use planning as well as government and non-government or non-profit organizations.

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