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Leitner Wireless Replacement USB DECT Dongle

Original price $80.00 - Original price $80.00
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$80.00 - $80.00
Current price $80
  • Designed for Leitner LH470/LH475 headsets, but can also work with LH500 and 600 series microphones
  • Replace your Leitner LH400 series USB DECT Dongle
  • Comes with USB-C adapter
  • Sold individually

More about this accessory

This wireless DECT dongle is what makes the LH400 series headsets special. Plug it into your computer's USB port and pair it with a Leitner wireless unit, and you have a wireless computer headset. This is perfect if you don't have a physical phone but still want to conduct calls wirelessly on your computer softphone!

What Customers Say

Technical Specifications

Manufacturer: Leitner
Catalog Number: 2552
Type: Wireless
Max Range / Cord Length: Up to 350 feet
Color: Black
Special Technologies: DECT Level A Security
Warranty: 5-Year Full Replacement
What's in the box?: Leitner USB DECT dongle with USB-A to USB-C adapter
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