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Finding the Most Comfortable Headset for Work

Posted: January 10, 2022
Author: Lucy Sohr
Most Comfortable Headset for Work - woman wearing Leitner wireless headset

Oftentimes, headsets are an all-day accessory. You put one on when you start work, and you keep it on until you clock out (and if you’re anything like us, you even wear it home by accident every once in a while 😊). It’s great to be able to stay connected throughout the day, so it makes sense that you’d want your headset to be as comfy as possible.

Some headset brands don’t put much time and consideration into how their headsets feel after prolonged hours of wear. That’s when you end up with strained ears, a sore scalp - and the implications that those carry for productivity and irritability throughout the day. Luckily, at, we are not willing to let you compromise your comfort.

Each headset brand we carry achieves comfort in its own way. Some focus on the headband, others pay special attention to the ear cushions, and some aim to provide maximum adjustability. We’ve broken down comfort into three main categories and given you some examples of headsets that fit the bill for each one.

Best overall comfort

These headsets are sure to keep any user comfortable, no matter how many hours they spend on the phone each day. The headbands sit lightly, the ear cushions are soft, and you can make adjustments to personalize the wearing experience.


Leitner LH270 Most Comfortable Wireless Headset

  • Leitner LH270
    The LH270 is Leitner’s best seller for a reason. A combination of adjustable elements means that this model will fit you no matter what. The UltraFlex headband is moldable. You can change its shape as you need, so no part of it will poke or prod. Once you mold it, it’ll hold its shape, so you only have to find the perfect fit one time. The earpiece can swivel, so it’ll always sit just right on your ear - turn your head and adjust the headset position all you want without disturbing your listening abilities. The LH270 pulls out all the stops to make sure that even users with the wackiest head shapes have the most comfortable headset possible.

    Jabra Engage 75 Most Comfortable Wireless Headset

  • Jabra Engage 75
    This headset’s convertible design lets you wear your headset as a single or dual-ear model, and you can even adjust the band to go over or behind your head! The earpieces are large, soft, and equipped with protective features to avoid headache-inducing volume spikes. The headband is padded, so you won’t have to worry about plastic pressing on your head throughout the day. Overall, the Engage 75 has covered all the bases to make sure you don’t feel uncomfortable when logging long hours on the phone.

Best headband

The headband of your headset can make or break your wearing experience. The last thing you need throughout your workday is discomfort, so we’ve put together some examples of comfortable headsets with bands that’ll keep you headache free.

Plantronics CS530 Most Comfortable Headset

  • Plantronics CS530
    A headband can’t bother you if it’s not there at all! Maybe this one’s sort of the low hanging fruit, but we digress. If all else fails, an on-the-ear model can be a great option for the headset wearer who can’t seem to find the perfect headband configuration. If you’ve got a particularly sensitive head, or you’ve had bad luck with bands in the past and don’t want to try your luck, this is certainly a comfortable headset option for you.

Best ear cushions

If your ears have ever felt strained or irritated by prolonged headphone/headset wear, look for headsets with extra-comfy ear cushions. Factors to think about for this one include the size, shape, and material of the ear cushion.

Leitner LH245XL Most Comfortable Corded Headset

  • Leitner LH245XL
    This super comfortable headset is great news for anyone who’s struggled with small ear cushions affecting their workday. The LH275XL has - you guessed it! - XL cushions that are sure to keep anyone comfortable. Yes, even you, Dumbo. The cushions are double the size of a typical headset’s, measuring 2.75” in diameter. It’s part of the Plush series, so this model will provide maximum softness. Between the size and squishiness of these cushions, the LH245XL might give that memory foam pillow a run for its money.

    Plantronics HW710 Most Comfortable Headset

  • Plantronics HW710
    This option provides maximum coziness with its leatherette ear cushion. The HW710 was designed with the goal of allowing you to forget you’re even wearing a headset; the lightweight materials do wonders to reduce discomfort and avoid any feelings of bulkiness. At only 2.1 ounces, it’s one of the lightest corded headsets we offer, so you can rest assured that the plush, airy cushion will suit even the 12-hour-work-day employee.

Best adjustability

If you’re not a believer in “one size fits all,” your most comfortable headset should be able to be adjusted according to your needs. Most, if not all, headsets have a retractable band, but comfort adjustments can go beyond that. Some headsets can be molded to your head, and others can change configurations entirely! These headsets are perfect for wearers who need a little extra accommodation in the comfort department.

Sennheiser OfficeRunner Most Comfortable Wireless Headset

  • Sennheiser OfficeRunner
    This one gives you lots of freedom when it comes to configuration. It can be worn as an over-the-head or on-the-ear device; you’ll never have to worry about what the most comfortable headset style is if you can interchange them whenever you want! By being able to convert between wear styles, you’ll ensure that no element of the headset ever wears too heavily or consistently on any part of your head.

    Leitner LH280 Most Comfortable Headset

  • Leitner LH280
    This on-the-ear model is small but mighty. It doesn’t have a headband to adjust, but everything about it can be moved and changed to keep you comfortable all day long. 6 ear tips of 3 different sizes are included in the box. Not just that little rubber piece on the end. The full ear tip. That means you’ll never have to worry about a small earpiece slipping and sliding or a big earpiece fitting uncomfortably. The ear tip also has 180° rotation; no matter what angle is most comfortable, your headset will adjust to achieve it. With the LH280, you can tailor your device to the perfect size and angle for maximum comfort.

Comfortable headset = productive workday

Your headset shouldn’t get in the way of your productivity. By seeking out comfortable headsets with features that fit your specific needs, you’ll stay on top of your work and avoid headaches.

Still not sure what the most comfortable headset is for you? Reach out to our Headset Advisors! We’re always happy to walk through options with you. Just call 1-800-HEADSETS(432-3738) or email