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The Best Headsets for Polycom Phones

Posted: October 01, 2021
Author: Kyle Newgent
Best headsets for polycom phones; Leitner LH280 wireless headset on charging base

If your Polycom phone is crucial to your workday, make sure you get a headset that’s compatible with it. In this article, we’ll walk you through some of our favorite options to help you find the headset for Polycom phones that best fits your phone and your needs.

Without further ado, let’s get into our recommendations.


Recommended headsets for Polycom phones

OfficeRunner Wireless Headset from Sennheiser - Essential Bundle

Sennheiser OfficeRunner


  • Price: $489.95

  • Range: up to 400 feet

  • Battery life: up to 12 hours of talk time

  • Warranty period: 3 years

Our favorite features:

  • Convertible wearing style: No matter what your preferences are, this headset will work for you. Included in the box is everything you’ll need to transition from an over-the-head to an on-the-ear wearing style. It’s super simple; you just remove the microphone from one earpiece and pop it onto the other. It means that you can switch up your style as many times as you want throughout the day without significantly interrupting your work flow. This is also a great feature to have if you’re purchasing headsets for Polycom phones for more than one person in your office. If you’re buying for a larger group, and you don’t want to have to purchase different models to account for everyone’s preferred configuration, this is a one-size-fits-all device in terms of wearing style preferences.

  • Pairing multiple headsets: If you work in an office where multiple coworkers are needed on the same calls, this feature could make your lives far easier. Once your base is paired to your Polycom phone, you can connect up to 4 separate headsets to the same base. It’ll make your conference calling easier and keep productivity high by eliminating the need for everyone to dial in independently.

  • Sound quality: Sennheiser is renowned for the crisp sound of its calls. This goes both ways; when you’re speaking, the person on the other end of the line will hear you crystal clear thanks to advanced noise-canceling technology in the microphone. Additionally, the high quality speaker will ensure that you don’t miss a word that your caller says. In all respects, you’re looking at top-notch sound performance with this device.

Buy this headset if...

  • need versatility. Because of the convertible wearing style, even the most undecided headset wearers will be happy. Whether you’re torn between on-the-ear or over-the-head, or you just like to change things up every once in a while, this headset for Polycom phones is the one for you.

  • ...the better part of your day is spent on the phone. Lots of aspects of the OfficeRunner make it a great device for all-day wear. The 12-hour battery life means that you won’t need to interrupt your calls to plug your headset back into its base. The 400-foot range means that even if you're on calls all day, you won’t be stuck at your desk. The convertible wearing style and lightweight design ensure comfort throughout the day, from your first phone call to your last. Overall, this is a headset made for prolonged periods of use.

Don’t buy this headset if...

  •’re on a budget. There’s no way around it. This headset is expensive. At just under $490, it’s the most pricey model we will take a look at on this list. You get what you pay for; this device delivers optimal functionality, and the convertibility means that you basically get 2 headsets for your Polycom phone for the price of 1. However, if you’re looking for something more budget-friendly, check out the rest of this article.

Leitner LH280

Leitner® LH280 On-the-Ear Wireless Headset


  • Price: $219.00

  • Range: up to 350 feet

  • Battery life: up to 8 hours of talk time

  • Warranty period: 5 years

Our favorite features:

  • Sleek but practical design: The LH280 is made to look discrete and feel almost nonexistent. Unlike over-the-head models, this headset can be worn without drawing too much attention. It’s super small and lightweight, so you won’t feel it tugging at your ear all day. It’s got a contoured ear loop that slides perfectly around your ear to provide a secure fit. It also comes with three different sizes of interchangeable ear tips to ensure that no matter your ear size, you’ll have no problem wearing this headset for long periods of time. 

  • UniBase: This device implements Leitner's patented UniBase technology. It makes call merging easy, as it allows you to merge calls between multiple of the devices you're connected to. That is to say, if you’ve got a call going on your computer, and you want to add in a call that’s coming in on your desk phone, you can do so at the push of a button.

  • Longevity: Other on-the-ear headsets become unusable once their battery dies because there’s no way to replace just that part. With this one, however, all you need to do is buy a replacement battery, pop it in, and keep using your device. That makes the overall cost of use over time far lower; rather than dropping a few hundred bucks on an all-new headset every time your old one dies, you can get away with spending just $30 on a replacement battery.

Buy this headset if...

  • over-the-head wearing style isn’t for you. If you know that an on-ear style is your preference, the LH280 will bring you the most comfort, functionality, and reliability. For all of the reasons mentioned above, it comes out on top of other headsets with the same configuration.

Don’t buy this headset if...

  • ...traditional earbuds have caused you discomfort in the past. The on-the-ear design mirrors that of your everyday headphones. That means that you can predict whether or not this will be a comfortable headset for you by considering past wearing experiences. Have you found that listening to music for multiple hours results in sore ears? If so, check out an on-the-ear headset for Polycom phones instead.

Jabra Engage 75

Jabra Engage 75 Single-Ear Wireless Headset


  • Price: $459.95

  • Range: up to 490 feet

  • Battery life: up to 13 hours of talk time

  • Warranty period: 1 year

Our favorite features:

  • Near-universal compatibility: This isn’t just a headset for Polycom phones. It’s a headset for pretty much every device you could think to use in your office. It’s compatible with your desk phone, your laptop, and any device with Bluetooth capabilities. That means that you can take calls from a smartphone or tablet in addition to your desk phone. No matter what your work setup is, odds are that the Engage 75 will support it.

  • High tech features: This headset covers pretty much every base we can think of. It’s got all kinds of added features to make for a great user experience. The built-in busy light will illuminate automatically when you’re on a call to let your coworkers know when you need to be left alone. The touch screen base gives you sleek, intuitive, and comprehensive capabilities when it comes to monitoring your device. We won’t walk you through every single feature, but you get the picture. This headset won’t leave you wishing for any extra capabilities.

  • Convertible connection style: This is listed as a wireless headset. You can put it on and walk up to 490 feet away from your desk while staying on a call. However, it comes with a detachable cord, so you can switch from a wireless headset to a corded one and back again easily. This is especially helpful for anybody who struggles to remember to plug their headset in at the end of the day. Corded headset = unlimited power supply = no worries.

Buy this headset if...

  • ...your workplace communication takes place across multiple devices. You can use this headset for a Polycom phone, a smartphone, a laptop, a tablet… The choice is yours. You’ll be able to connect to all of the technology you currently use; if it takes other forms besides your desk phone, the Engage 75 has you covered.

  • want all the functionality. As mentioned above, this is a headset with lots of fun added features. You’ll be able to utilize capabilities that you won’t have with any other device on this list. It’s high tech, and it gives the user tons of advanced capabilities.

Don’t buy this headset if...

  • prefer simplicity. If you wouldn’t take advantage of all the features mentioned above, you don’t need to splurge on this headset for your Polycom phone. Check out some of the other options on this list. There are plenty of devices without the added bells and whistles that will still serve your Polycom phone headset needs.

Leitner LH245XL Easy Connect bundle

Leitner® LH245XL Dual-Ear Corded Headset


  • Price: $134.00

  • Range: up to 7 feet

  • Battery life: not applicable

  • Warranty period: 5 years

Our favorite features:

  • XL ear cushions: Ever struggled to find a headset for your Polycom phone that kept your ears comfortable? The LH245XL could be the perfect solution. The 2.75-inch ear cushions on this device are double the size of a normal headset’s. They’ll keep even the most sensitive wearer cushioned and comfortable. 

  • High quality listening: The large ear cushions will create a pretty substantial barrier between your ears and any outside sounds. However, this isn’t the only thing that will keep you hearing your caller clearly. It also implements CleanSound Technology to filter out the background noise of whoever you’re talking to. You’re sure to hear all of your calls loud and clear.

  • Price: When it comes to bang for your buck, this headset is a shining example. You get all of the comfort, sound quality, and reliability of a Leitner headset for just $114. You won’t break the bank, and you won’t compromise your headset’s quality.

Buy this headset if...

  • ...comfort is your priority. Thanks to the ultra plush XL ear cushions, this headset will definitely keep you comfortable. If you’ve found in the past that comfy headsets are hard to come by, your search could end here.

Don’t buy this headset if...

  •’d prefer an average ear cushion size. If you don’t think the XL element of this headset is necessary for you, check out the  LH245 instead. It’s got all the same features and functions, but the ear cushions are on par with most of the headsets you’ll see on the market. 

Executive Pro Harmony

Executive Pro Harmony Binaural Noise-Canceling Headset (EP210)


  • Price: $129.99

  • Range: up to 8 feet

  • Battery life: not applicable

  • Warranty period: 2 years

Our favorite features:

  • Noise cancellation: This model has noise canceling abilities that leave customers raving. Whether you’re worried about noisy housemates at your home office or talkative coworkers at your in-person workplace, you can rest assured that they won’t interrupt your calls.

  • Easy setup and use: This headset requires no learning curve. Once you plug it in, you’re good to go. There’s no complicated pairing, confusing buttons, or extraneous frills to muddle your experience.

  • Corded mobility: Most corded headsets only have about 3 feet of range. The Harmony, however, has an 8-foot cord that will give you much more freedom than many of the other corded headsets for Polycom phones available. You can access your whole cubicle without removing your headset!

Buy this headset if...

  •’re looking for a device that is simple but effective. You won’t find surprising features on this device, and for many users, that’s the beauty of it. You’ll get comfortable wear and crisp sound without needing to splurge on fancy features that you wouldn’t utilize day to day.

Don’t buy this headset if...

  •’re looking for frills. The flipside to the above point is that if you’re looking for a device with more than baseline functionality, look elsewhere. This is an incredibly effective headset, but it doesn’t come with the extra features of some of the other devices on this list.


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