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The Best Speakerphones for Your Office Setup

Posted: February 14, 2022
Author: Mike Faith
Best speakerphones for the office: people on a video conference call using a speakerphone

At, we’re headset people. It’s in the name. However, that means that by proxy, we know a thing or two about lots of different types of office communication. In this article, we will cover some of the basics about speakerphones, and we’ll recommend some of our top picks for devices for your workplace.

Why you might want a speakerphone

Speakerphones can be a great supplement to a work setup. Here are a couple common scenarios in which you might consider one:

Working from home

A speakerphone is the perfect device to ensure multitasking capabilities within the home office. If you spend the majority of your day in a centralized home office space, but you like to roam around a bit, a speakerphone can ensure that you get crystal clear calls no matter what part of the room you’re standing in. Of course, for this functionality, we’re a bit partial to headsets. But if you’d prefer a device that doesn’t need to be worn, a speakerphone is a great alternative.

Conferencing in an office

If you work in person with other coworkers, and conferences are a regular part of your day, a speakerphone could be a great option. Say you’ve got 8 people in a conference room, and you need to dial someone in. Just using the included speaker on your phone probably won't cut it; the volume and quality are often pretty low. A speakerphone can ensure that everyone in the room hears the person on the phone loud and clear. You’ll be able to listen and speak into one centralized device, which can make the conferencing process far more seamless.

Our recommendations for the best speakerphones

Best Amazon reviews: Jabra Speak 510


  • Price: $149.00

  • Max number of people supported at once: 4

  • Battery life: up to 15 hours of talk time

The pros:

  • Portability: This device is super easy to take with you wherever you go. Since it has a carrying case included, you’ll be well equipped to transport it safely. It’s also incredibly easy to set up, so you can relocate as much as you need to without worrying about a complex connection system.

  • Sound quality: When it comes to both speaking into and listening to this speakerphone, you won’t be disappointed. It has a 360° microphone, so it’ll pick up sound from any part of the room where it’s placed. Thanks to noise canceling abilities, background sound won’t be an issue. It’s also got crystal clear speaker quality, so you’ll never miss a word on a phone call.

  • Sleek design: The Speak 510 is compact and thoughtfully designed. It’s got simple touchscreen buttons surrounding the speaker, so it’s easy to navigate. Furthermore, it looks nice. We know that’s not everything, but it’s definitely a plus.

The cons:

  • Small conference phone call size: The Jabra Speak 510 isn’t optimized for large conferences. Its best performance occurs when 4 or fewer people are speaking into it. If you’re looking for a speakerphone that can accommodate larger meetings, we suggest checking out some of our other recommendations.

Best splurge-worthy speakerphone: Plantronics Calisto 7200


  • Price: $189.34

  • Max number of people supported at once: 6

  • Battery life: up to 6.5 hours of talk time


  • Advanced speaker technology: This speakerphone is equipped with 4 directional mics with lots of special capabilities to keep you sounding clear on calls. There’s background noise cancellation, echo cancellation, and processing capabilities to minimize the number of dropped calls. Overall, you’ll be heard loud and clear.

  • Waterproof: If you’ve got your speakerphone set up on a desk or a conference table, there’s a good chance it’s going to be right in the spill range of coffee, water, and the like. If you want to ensure that your speakerphone’s functionality isn’t compromised when someone bumps their mug, this is a good option for you.

  • Long USB range: While this device is equipped with Bluetooth, if you plan on using it with a USB cable, you’ll still get plenty of mobility. A 10-foot USB connector cord is included in the box, so if you’re hooked up to a computer, you’ll still be able to get some steps in.


  • The price: The Calisto certainly isn’t cheap. At just under $270, it’s on the higher side in terms of price. It’s equipped with great sound quality and functionality, but if you’re looking for a more budget-friendly option, check out some of the other entries on this list.

Best for all-day use: Anker PowerConf


  • Price: $107.00

  • Max number of people supported at once: unclear

  • Battery life: up to 24 hours of talk time


  • Battery life: The PowerConf has an impressive battery life. On a single charge, you’ll get up to 24 hours of talk time. That’s a lot of conference calls.

  • Automatic voice enhancement: No matter where you are relative to the speaker, your voice will be heard at a level volume. This is great for if you’re walking around your home office, or if you’ve got people in a conference room situated at different distances from the speakerphone. The person on the other end of the line won’t have to deal with sudden spikes or dips in volume, no matter where in the room a voice is coming from.

  • AnkerWork app: Through a handy app that you can download for your smartphone, you can adjust various settings on your speakerphone. Everything from the LEDs to the volume can be adjusted without even getting up and walking over to the speaker itself. It makes for easy conferencing and much less hassle.


  • Single device connectivity: Despite being equipped with both Bluetooth and a USB cable, you won’t be able to connect to a computer and cell phone at the same time. You’ll have to choose one device or the other, which means that call merging won’t be an option.

  • Firmware updates: The audio quality is reliant on updates; if you haven’t updated to the latest firmware, you might notice a grainer sound.

Best for large conferences: eMeet Luna


  • Price: $89.99

  • Max number of people supported at once: 8 with single speaker, 12 with two speakers

  • Battery life: unclear


  • Larger meeting sizes: Despite being a small and relatively inexpensive option, the Luna can support up to 8 different people speaking into it. Of course, it functions just as well if you have fewer people at a meeting, but it’s great for larger conference rooms as well.

  • Lots of connectivity options: In addition to the more common USB and Bluetooth connection types, you can also hook up to this speakerphone using an AUX cord or provided dongle. It gives you even more options in terms of devices to connect to.

  • Multi-device capability: Two different eMeet Lunas can be paired in the same conference room using a daisy chain cord (sold separately). That means that you’ll be able to pick up high quality sound from multiple different points in a room. It’s great for long conference tables, and it increases the potential number of attendees in a meeting from 8 to 12.


  • Teams functionality: The most common pain point in reviews for this device is that, when it’s used with Microsoft Teams, the mute button doesn’t work. Though much of the functionality is consistent and effective, muting on Teams has proven difficult for lots of users.

Best for use with softphones: Konftel Ego


  • Price: $89.96

  • Max number of people supported at once: 6

  • Battery life: up to 15 hours of talk time


  • Maximized for softphone use: If you use a softphone to communicate throughout your workday, this speakerphone could be a great fit. It’s compatible with Skype for Business, Avaya Equinox, and Cisco Jabber to name a few. That means that you can talk through your speakerphone without losing any call functionality.

  • Great for listening to music: Because of the hi-fi HD sound quality, you won’t be limited to just conference calls with this device. If you’d like to use it to stream music, you’ll be in good shape.

  • Easy monitoring: The LCD display on each side of this speaker makes it super easy to track which function you’re using or what type of connection has been established. It eliminates confusion that might stem from accidentally leaving a device paired. This is especially useful considering you can connect to multiple phones at once.


  • Call volume: The main concern that people have had with the Konftel Ego is the call volume. It tends to be lower than some of the competitors, which can make for a tricky time listening if you’ve got a larger room for taking calls.

Find the perfect office technology

Even though headsets are our main priority, we want to make sure that you’re well equipped to communicate in your office, no matter what form that takes. If you determine that a headset is the better way for you to communicate in your workspace, we’re happy to help you find the right device. Just call 1-800-HEADSETS (432-3738) or email