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What to Think About When You’re Choosing a Headset

Posted: June 29, 2021
Author: Mike Faith
Woman thinking about which office headset to choose.

Headsets are not a one size fits all technology. Well, technically, they come in one size. And that size is usually adjustable, so it will fit you perfectly. But we digress.

When you’re picking a headset style for your landline phone, there are plenty of things to consider. The basics can be boiled down to three main factors:


  1. Corded or Wireless Headset:
    When you’re thinking about this one, the most important consideration is your level of mobility during the workday. Are you the “get-your-steps-in” type? Will you sneak into the break room for your third coffee while on a call? If so, a wireless headset could be your new best friend. If you prefer setting up shop at your desk or if your pacing stays within the cubicle, corded could be a good fit.
    The deciding question: Do I want to talk on the phone closer or farther than 7 feet from my desk?

  2. Over-the-head or On-the-ear Headset:
    How compact would you like your device to be? Simply put, on-the-ear = smaller, over-the-head = bigger. This decision could be made with regard to functionality or personal preference (or whether or not the on-the-ear headband would mess up your hairdo). The on-the-ear device creates more of a seal in your ear, resulting in even more background noise reduction.
    The deciding question: What size and noise reduction level do I need?

  3. Dual-ear or Single-ear Headset:
    Consider your work environment for this one. If it’s important that you hear what’s going on around you (i.e. you work on a team and need to be listening to coworkers), keeping one ear free should be a priority. If your workday isn’t as coworker-centric, you might love a dual ear style headset for its ability to block out the sounds around you.
    The deciding question: Do I need to be attentive to conversations around me in the office?


If you were to say to us, “Hey,! What style headset should I get?” the short answer would be that it depends! Choosing the right headset is a process that’s personal to you. To end up with the perfect headset style, consider your environment, functionality needs, and personal preferences.

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